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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 827– Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 10

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Chapter 827– Ye Wu Chen Appeared Part 10

Nonetheless, how could Chuan Gu know that Mu Ru Yue possessed the Alchemy Book? Nobody would be able to know how much mental power she really possess and similarly, what her rank was in alchemy….

“I shall give you an advice. You should not do a meaningless act in participating in the alchemy competition. It is impossible for you to be the champion in the Alchemy competition. Moreover, our Alchemy Sect won’t recruit you even if you ended up being the champion!” Chuan Gu had his chin raised slightly while he said that in a belittling tone.

“Wait! Wait!”

A voice suddenly intercepted the conversation.

A sinister glint of light flickered in Su Ning’s eyes. “Since she wants to participate, you should just let her. If she is really able to become the champion, how about Lord Chuan Gu reconsider in letting her join the sect?”

The prerequisite was if she could be the champion…

Su Ning smiled as she looked sinisterly at Shu Ning.

‘My heart brims with fury whenever I thought back to when elder brother Jing Kai looked dazedly at her.

‘Since Mu Ru Yue is her friend, I won’t let her off…’

“How can I not refuse to grant Lady Su’s request?” Chuan Gu looked at Mu Ru Yue and said, “I can give you a chance. I will let you enter the Alchemy Sect if you end up being the champion in the alchemy competition.”

Mu Ru Yue looked indifferenly at Chuan Gu and agreed, “Alright!”

‘An alchemy Sect isn’t worthy for me to swear my loyalty and devotion.

‘Yet, Ye Wu Chen should already heading here to find me now. If I am forced to leave the City of Chaos now, Ye Wu Chen won’t be able to find me…

‘Thus, I must remain here before he comes! Moreover, the best solution in waiting for him is to participate in the alchemy competition!

‘Even though I can use brute force in getting what I want, it is obvious that I don’t need to do that in this situation. Since I have a better solution…’

“Yue Er!” An Xi’s heart tensed up. She focused her gaze on Mu Ru Yue and asked with slight concern, “Will there be a problem?”

‘Frankly, what I really want to ask is why did she agree to compete. Didn’t she not have any interest in the Alchemy Sect? Could it be she had an important matter that she want to settle by participating in the competition?’

An Xi suddenly thought about this question.

‘The other competitors participated in this competition in order to gain the attention of the two large sects. Yet, she rejected the invitations to enter both of the sects. What is her motive in participating in the competition then?’

Wei Zi Fang focused on Mu Ru Yue’s magnificient figure under the moonlight from among the crowd. A peculiar ray of light flickered in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything in the end…

Currently, purple robes fluttered at the submit of a mountain near the City of Chaos. The man was looking down from the mountain. He looked as powerful and charming as a god.

“City of Chaos?” The man smiled.

His smile enhanced the charm of his handsome face. Gentle glow filled his purple pupils. The girl’s flawless face appeared in his mind at this moment, softening his heart.

“It has already been a long time since we seperated by the sand storm. It appears she caused another large commotion…”

The man’s smile was filled with indulging love. It was as though his girl was always right no matter what she did in his point of view.

“There is still a few days journey from this place to the City of Chaos. Mu Er, you must wait for me!”

He raised his purple eyes slightly as he looked at the night sky. The man emitted a glow under the moonlight…
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