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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 790 – Eternal Night forest Part 1

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Chapter 790 – Eternal Night forest Part 1

“Lin Er, let’s go.”

Liang Wen no longer looked at the crowd as he raised his arm to pull An Lin into his embrace. Following that, he walked toward the deep night.

Shu Ning raised her brows. With a light smile on her beautiful face, she said, “It is uncertain who will be paying the price in the end…”

She glanced at her teammates by her side with the smile in her eyes intensifying.

‘This team is really strong…’1

‘A Mystic Realm expert, A Heaven Realm expert, and even a Spiritual Master… If this team faces danger in the Eternal Night Forest, the other teams would similarly be facing them.’

Shu Ning chuckled softly.

‘It is really an eyeopener in leaving the family this time. Otherwise, if I stayed at that place, I wouldn’t know that there were so many talents in the Eastern Island…’

“Let’s go.”

Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze slightly. A faint glow could be seen on her impeccable face under the night sky. A handsome face appeared in her mind at this moment, softening her gaze.

‘I’ve already separated from Wu Chen for quite sometimes already. I wonder where Wu Chen is now…’

Cold air filled the Eternal Night Forest.

The densely packed tall forest covered the moonlight from the sky. Mighty aura of demon beasts could be felt from within the forest, giving it a sinister and terrifying atmosphere.


A figure suddenly appeared from moving grasses. It had a pair of glowing green eyes under the pitch-black sky, making people shiver in fright.


An Xi couldn’t help but exclaim. She subconsciously hid behind Shu Ning.

Shu Ning didn’t say anything but she creased her brows tighter as she commented, “It is the Night Demon Wolf King!”

The Night Demon Wolf King had the ability to summon a pack of Night Demon Wolves…

Shu Ning’s expression changed slightly as she hastily held An Xi’s arm. With vigilance in her eyes, she warned, “Be careful! The Night Demon Wolf is incomparably ferocious and ruthless. It is stronger in a pack and bear grudges. If we kill a Night Demon Wolf, their aura will stick to our bodies, allowing other Night Demon Wolves to pursue after us to avenge for its fallen member!”

An Xi bit her lips as she shifted her clear gaze to look at the Night Demon Wolf King that was blocking their path. Faint glimmers flickered in her eyes.


The Night Demon Wolf King raised his head and gave out a long howl.

“It is as expected.” Shu Ning smiled elegantly as she continued, “The Night Demon Wolf King has the ability to summon all of the Night Demon Wolves…”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything while she watched on the Night Demon Wolves dashing over from a distant. It was a long moment silent before she parted her lips to say, “It seems that we won’t need to fret about dinner tonight.”

An Xi was stunned as she looked flabbergasted at Mu Ru Yue’s indifferent expression. She instantly thought that her ears were malfunctioning.

‘She says that she wouldn’t need to worry about dinner tonight while facing these many Night Demon Wolves?’

“What?” Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to look at An Xi who was in a daze. With a smile in her eyes, she asked, “Can it be you aren’t confident in facing that many Night Demon Wolves?”

An Xi immediately got back to her senses. Her tender and adorable face was filled with confidence.

“Who says that I’m not confident? It is just a herd of Night Demon Wolves. I, An Xi, do not fear anything.”

An Xi raised her adorable babyface with resolution in her clear, large eyes.


Mu Ru Yue smiled and suggested, “How about competing against each other? We shall compete to see who will be able to kill the most Night Demon Wolves. The person that killed the least will be in charge of making tonight’s dinner…”

1. Miki: Don’t you mean too OP?
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