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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 789 – Trash Squad Part 10

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Chapter 789 – Trash Squad Part 10

The Eternal Night Forest was always night all year round.

The darkness of the sky covered the forest of tall trees, forming a layer of shadows on the ground.

The forest was currently peaceful. Yet, a group of people successfully broke its tranquility…

The night breeze blew. The dried leaves on the ground gave off rustling sounds when it was stepped upon. The sound was exceptionally creepy under the night sky…

“An Xi,” An Lin raise her gaze from among the crowd to look at the young girl by Mu Ru Yue’s side. She sneered, “I will give you an advice on behalf of you being my half-sister that have the same blood as my father but not my mother’s. It is best that you leave those people. Otherwise, you won’t know how you even died! It is impossible for them to strive in this place. But…”

A glimmer flashed past An Lin’s eyes as she sneered and ridiculed, “If you kneel down and beg for my help, perhaps I might help you…”

“Stop dreaming!”

An Xi glared viciously at An Lin. Her adorable and lovely face flushed red with anger in her eyes.

“I can live perfectly fine without you!”


An Lin burst out laughing and said, “An Xi, do you think that those three people can really protect you? You are too gullible. Those people may just be eyeing on the power of the An family, purposefully making connections to you. Do you think that they will really treat you as a friend? Let me answer that for you. There aren’t genuine friends in this world. Everyone only makes decision for mutual benefits!”

The best example for that is the incident where she hooked up with Liang Wen…

Liang Wen got her and in exchange, he helped her in the competition. If not so, why would she offer her body to Liang Wen?

‘These people must be wanting something from An Xi so they interacted with her. Otherwise, what qualifications will a trash like An Xi have to enter their sight?’

Shu Ning creased her brows tightly. She raised her arm to pull An Xi back while she looked indifferently at An Lin.

She voiced out in a peaceful and elegant tone, “You are overthinking. I will naturally protect An Xi since we are in a team. As for what you said about making use… it seems that only a person like you will make use of a friend.”


An Xi was startled for a moment when she turned her head to look at Shu Ning’s beautiful face.

‘Nobody has been willing to be my friend due to me being a trash since young. I just wanted to prove myself in this competition…

‘But Shu Ning said that I am her friend…’

A trace of warmth surged in An Xi’s heart, making her heart tremble a little. A dazzling smile graced her cute and tender face.

“Friend?” An Lin sniggered in disdain before continuing, “That word is too laughable. I don’t believe that you will really treat An Xi as your friend. Moreover, you can’t even protect yourself now. Yet, you still want to protect her?”

A slight contempt was expressed in An Lin’s eyes when she said that.

In her point of view, the words of the girl before her was too hilarious…

“Lin Er, stop continuing to bother with them.” Liang Wen frowned as he glanced coldly at the faces that infuriated him. But he still managed to suppress his anger. He smiled sinisterly as he said, “They will pay the price for being too egotistical today! The Eternal Night Forest isn’t like any other places. They will soon understand that it is their loss in not wanting to lower down their heads to us!”

It was especially so when there were too many demon beasts in the Eternal Night Forest. Others could use the Teleportation Talisman to leave the forest, but for them…

Liang Wen smiled with a sinister ray of light that flashed past his eyes.
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