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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 781 – Trash Squad Part 2

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Chapter 781 – Trash Squad Part 2

The crowd discussed amongst themselves. They looked at Mu Ru Yue as though they were watching a show. But before she could say anything, Liang Wen couldn’t help mocking her, “How can she have outstanding power when she chooses to be with the trash Qiancheng Yan?”

Previously, he was just caught off guard by her attack. Otherwise, a trash like her could never hurt him!

Mu Ru Yue glanced at Liang Wen before shifting her gaze to the elder. She then said in a cold voice, “I’m two realms above Qiancheng Yan.”

Currently, Qiancheng Yan was at the Mystic Realm, so she was naturally at the Heaven Realm if she was two realms higher than him…

The elder didn’t ask further. He just quickly wrote down both their cultivations. Afterwards, he placed an emblem in front of each of them.

“Take it!”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned. She glanced at the notebook in front of the elder and saw what he had written…

“Xiantian Mid Rank? Haha! Her innate talent is terrible!” Liang Wen laughed mockingly, disdain in his eyes.

‘Xiantian Mid Rank?’

Mu Ru Yue was stunned, her eyes flashed with shock.

She previously thought that the elder had checked Qiancheng Yan’s power when he looked at him and had deduced his cultivation.

However he just wrote Qiancheng Yan’s cultivation as False Xiantian. Her cultivation was naturally written as Xiantian Mid Rank.

“Master, forget it.”

Qiancheng Yan tugged Mu Ru Yue’s arm and shook his head. “I’ve already gotten used to it anyways. It doesn’t mean much in proving myself.”

‘Moreover, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to let everyone know how strong I actually am…’

“Master?” Liang Wen, who had sharp hearing, heard Qiancheng Yan calling Mu Ru Yue Master. “Qiancheng Yan, this girl is your Master?! Tsk! Tsk! Trashes are truly compatible with each other. You are worthy to be Master and disciple. Haha! I guess only a trash can tutor you into being such a trash disciple!”

He swept a sinister gaze at Mu Ru Yue.

If it weren’t for her, how could he be humiliated in public? He needed to settle this debt with her no matter what.


The elder’s gaze turned gloomy as he glanced at the bickering crowd. He then said, “If you want to quarrel, do it somewhere else!”

Liang Wen stopped saying anything more even though flames of fury continued blazing in his heart. He stared gloomily at both of them with a sinister, a cold smile on his face.

‘I will have the chance to teach them a lesson at any moment inside this City of Chaos…’

“You can head to the resting place assigned by our City of Chaos after taking this emblem. You will be informed of the timing of the competition shortly. If you are late, you will be disqualified!”

The elder held onto his pen after saying that. He then coldly ordered, “Next!”

A flock of people quickly drowned out their bickering voices…

There were countless people that came to participate in this first major event. Thus, they were assigned by the City of Chaos to stay at a relay station that was usually for post horses.

When both of them first entered the relay station, their chat was interrupted by someone cursing in rage…

“An Xi (calm)! I clearly told you you weren’t allowed to follow me and participate in this competition. Why didn’t you listen? What qualifications do you think you have to come to this place? Stop disgracing our family!” The voice was filled with anger and ridicule.

Mu Ru Yue frowned. She couldn’t help but shift her gaze to the direction of that voice. Two young girls were standing at the entrance of the relay station.

One of them was as proud as a peacock with an arrogant expression. Her gorgeous clothes made her look alluring.
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