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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 780- Trash Squad Part 1

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Chapter 780- Trash Squad Part 1

Mu Ru Yue looked up at the man standing in her way. Then, as if shooting daggers at the man’s face, she said in a bone-piercing cold voice,“Get out of the way!”

Liang Wen was stunned for a moment before he burst out laughing. ‘This beauty is really feisty. Why are you following a trash like Qiancheng Yan? How about following me instead?”

He extended his hand, wanting to caress that devastatingly beautiful face.

But before he could touch her, an intense power was abruptly released from the girl’s body.


Liang Wen was sent flying backwards.

Everyone shot their gazes at the commotion.

Qiancheng Yan looked at Liang Wen with slight pity, a smile filled with ridicule on his face.

‘Master looks really easy to bully. But, truthfully, she’s a ferocious tiger. Whoever tries to touch her won’t end up well…’

“You damn bitch! You dared to hurt me!”

Liang Wen was enraged. Just as he wanted to teach Mu Ru Yue a lesson, a cold voice was heard, “Liang Wen!”

Liang Wen’s body shuddered momentarily. He quickly withdrew his gaze and shifted it to the green-robed girl. He complained, “Young mistress Dou, this girl is really too much. I want to teach her a lesson!”

The green-robed girl frowned slightly.

She then said in an indifferent tone, “Let’s go.” It was hard for anyone to guess her emotions.

She glanced at Mu Ru Yue before leaving, her gaze filled with arrogance and disdain. To her, Mu Ru Yue was someone worthless who didn’t have the qualifications for her to personally deal with…

Mu Ru Yue remained quiet as she looked at the green-robed girl’s departing figure. She asked Qiancheng Yan, “Who is she?”

‘It seems that the man known as Liang Wen acts with extreme respect towards her…’

“Not sure,” Qiancheng Yan shook his head before continuing, “Since her surname is Dou, she should be from the Dou family…”

‘Dou family?’

A glimmer of light danced in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes, but she didn’t ask further. She raised her head slightly. The sunlight shone on her flawless face.

“Let’s go there too.”

‘I need to reunite with Wu Chen no matter what…’

Compared to other places, the City of Chaos was more unlawful. Battles between experts were littered around the whole city. But people seldom cared about it.

The competition registration area was bustling with voices.

A ray of sinister light flashed past Liang Wen’s eyes when he saw the two people walking towards his direction.

“Hmm? Isn’t that Qiancheng family’s Qiancheng Yan?”

“Is he here to compete?”

Everyone looked at Qiancheng Yan with shock in their eyes.

Mu Ru Yue glanced at the youth beside him. With a raise of her brows, she commented, “Qiancheng Yan, it seems that you are rather well-known.”


Qiancheng Yan softly chuckled. He then rubbed his head in slight embarrassment, “I frequently moved around to all kinds of places, so everyone knows that I’m trash.”

Out of curiosity, Mu Ru Yue then asked, “Your innate talent isn’t so bad, you were at the False Xiantian Realm when you are only nineteen. You should still be quite a talent even if you aren’t exceptional. So why are you being called trash?”

“It’s due to my cultivation staying the same for the past seven years. I couldn’t make any breakthroughs after that seal was placed on my body…”

Mu Ru Yue was momentarily dazed before she smiled helplessly.

‘It’s no wonder he’s called a trash. He previously had such an outstanding innate talent, but wasn’t able to make any breakthroughs since seven years ago. It’s only natural for them to think that his innate talent has degenerated…’

An elder, who was sitting behind a table, glanced at the two people walking towards him. He started by casually writing down some words. After that, he shifted his gaze to look at Mu Ru Yue. He then said in a cold, heartless, formulaic tone, “Cultivation?”
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