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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 757- Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 6

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Chapter 757- Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 6

“Is that so?” Zi Qian Jing smiled, but that smile was cold as he continued, “But it seems that I saw Yun Qi carrying a woman into a carriage. Yun Xiang, don’t you think you should give me a valid reason for that?”

Yun Xiang’s expression changed as he replied, “You saw that? If you did, why didn’t…”

“You want to ask me why I didn’t rescue Aunt, right?” Zi Quan Jing smiled slightly as he continued, “Why should I do that? Aunt had planned this with so much difficulty in making you send her to the place she wanted to go. Hence, why should I interfere with that? My relationship with your Yun family isn’t that good so I didn’t want to help…”

“What did you say?”

Yun Xiang’s complexion turned gravely pale with disbelief in his eyes.

“You are saying that she was just pretending?!”

‘If that really is the case, then…’

His body shivered with fear expressed in his eyes.

Zi Qian Jing walked toward Yun Xiang with his embroidered robe fluttering slightly. There was a mighty grandeur released from his body with each of his steps, making his hair flutter in the wind.

Yun Xiang could only feel that his breath has tightened as he stared with dread at the handsome face before him.

“Wha-what are you planning to do?” Yun Xiang couldn’t help but retreat backward as he asked that, trembling.

“What do I want to do? What do you think?” Zi Qian Jing’s eyes brimmed with smiles. He gradually raised his hand. A sword had suddenly appeared in his hand, emitting a glacial glint.

That glint was bone-piercing cold, making his heart freeze…

Intense terror made Yun Xiang lose his rationality as he charged madly toward Zi Qian Jing and shouted, “Stinky brat, just die!”


When the sword was swung downwards, a gale arose that had sent Yun Xiang flying backward, crashing heavily on the ground with blood flowing profusely out of his mouth…

“Yun Xiang, you just reaped what you sowed.”

The terror on Yun Xiang’s face intensified as he trembled tremendously.

“Tell me the secrets about that mysterious organization!” Zi Qian Jing looked at Yun Xiang as he said that coldly.

“Don’t ask me! Don’t ask me anything! I definitely won’t answer!”

Yun Xiang hastily shut his mouth. Even though he was really terrified, he wasn’t willing to reveal those matters.

‘If I don’t tell them, I will just die. If I told him, that lord will definitely make my life worse than death…

‘Not only would I suffer a torture worse than death, my entire family would also!

‘Even though these people won’t let me off, they won’t touch my family. Thus, how can I tell them those matters…’

“Since you refuse to answer, it is useless in retaining your life!”


The sword had pierced Yun Xiang’s chest mercilessly. Blood spurted profusely out of Yun Xiang’s body. He parted his lips to say something, but still closed it in the end…

“Let’s go.”

Zi Qian Jing raised his handsome face. A glow could be seen from his face under the sunset…

A horse carriage had stopped under the cover of trees. Following that, the cart driver’s voice was heard. “Young master Yun, we are here already.”

“We are here?” Yun Qi came back to his senses as he asked with a sinister smile, “That’s right, how is that previous girl that was captured by us doing? You must remember not hurt them in the slightest. That lord dislikes having an incomplete soul.”

“Young master Yun, don’t worry. Her soul is perfectly fine. She just suffered from some superficial wounds.”

“That’s great!” Yun Qi heaved a sigh of relief before saying, “This young master will now be delivering Lady Zi Shao to that place. That lord will be dispatching people in getting them tomorrow.”
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