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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 756 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 5

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Chapter 756 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 5

“Don’t you even think about it on this matter!” Yun Xiang glared at Yun Qi. He then said, displeased, “These ladies are wanted by that lord. Only pure souls can assist in increasing his might. More importantly, they needed to be virgins. If that lord knows that we took her virginity, do you think our Yun family can still exist?”

“I understand, Uncle.”

Yun Qi sighed with slight pity.

“Alright,” Yun Xiang smiled before consoling, “I will help you find a couple of pure girls to be your concubines after we succeed in doing this matter. You should just forget about this lady. Otherwise, it won’t be good if that lord punishes us for tarnishing her…”

Yun Qi nodded before asking, “Uncle, does it mean that we should send her to that place now?”

“That’s right!”

Yun Xiang sneered and replied, “There will be someone that will be coming for her soon. Such a pure body like hers is already scarce. This is especially so as her cultivation is really high. She is much stronger than the previous girl. That lord will surely praise us after giving Zi Shao to him. Haha!”

Yun Xiang couldn’t help but laugh brazenly when he thought about the Yun family flourishing…

Even though Yun Qi was reluctant in giving up on Zi Shao, he couldn’t give up glory and wealth. She was indeed beautiful but how could beauty be comparable to power?

“Remember that you should transfer her to that place discreetly. You can’t let anyone know about this. If not, if the people from the East Island knows what we are doing, we will definitely be pursued after by those warriors that uphold justice.”

“I understand, Uncle.”

Yun Qi nodded. He then carried Zi Shao to head toward the back entrance. When he saw a small luxurious palanquin that had stopped at the back entrance, he carefully entered it.

“Quickly enter the palanquin.”

The cart driver looked indifferently at Yun Qi. However, his eyes lit up when he saw the girl in his embrace. The girl’s body was not only pure, she had a high cultivation.

‘Perhaps that lord can make a breakthrough after having her…’

He then signaled the horse to move the carriage, disappearing from everyone’s gaze.

“You aren’t chasing after her?”

Ye Si Huang frowned slightly as he shifted his head slightly to look at Zi Qian Jing who was standing by his side.

“No need,” Zi Qian Jing shook his head before continuing with a smile, “Aunt is strong enough to protect herself. Now, we should deal with the Yun family first. Not only did they abduct Aunt’s disciple, they even dared to make a move on Aunt. Since they are bringing Aunt to that place, she will certainly be able to find Nangong Zi Lan then. In that case, it is useless in letting the Yun family to continue existing…”

Ye Si Huang raised his head to look at the carriage that was travelling away at great speed. A trace of a bloodthirsty light flashed past his eyes.

‘Humans are really useless these days as they waste such a long time to search for a person. If it was me, I will massacre the entire place and use the most ruthless and heartless means to pressure them in returning that person back to me…’

Yun Xiang was still daydreaming about the flourishing Yun family inside the Yun family’s manor. Yet, his door was suddenly pushed open by someone at this instant. Yun Xiang’s expression changed abruptly when he saw the youth at the entrance of the room.

“Mister Qian Jing, what are you doing here?”

Zi Qian Jing’s brow rose as he replied with a languish smile, “I’m not doing anything. I just want to know where my Aunt went!”

“Your Aunt?” Yun Xiang was stunned before he asked, “Didn’t she already return? Could it be that she went somewhere else? I really don’t know her current location!”

Doubt was expressed in his eyes. It was as though he really didn’t know where Zi Shao went. He looked so sincere. If others were to see his current expression, they might believe what he said…
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