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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 753 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 2

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Chapter 753 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 2

Zi Qian Jing was similarly looking at him. When he saw the tender jade-carved face, he frowned with a trace of suspicion that flashed past his eyes.

‘I’ve heard from Aunt that mother has not given birth yet when she parted from mother. Thus, it is impossible for her to have a five-year-old child. But why does this kid’s appearance looks so similar to father then? It is especially so from his purple eyes…’

“Jing Er, let’s quickly go over to him.” Zi Shao pulled on Zi Qian Jing’s hand before briskly walking to him.

Ye Si Huang frowned before looking coldly at Zi Shao. He replied, “Si Huang.”

“Si Huang? Surname Si?”

Zi Qian Jing was startled.

‘It seems that this little fella shouldn’t be that unborn child…’

“This little fella is so young yet it is so cold.” Zi Shao pouted. Just as she wanted to touch Ye Si Huang’s tiny head, he dodged her hand.

With a childish but gloomy voice, he hissed, “Aunty, I don’t like people touching me.”

He had shifted his gaze to Zi Qian Jing while he said that. A trace of doubt flickered in his eyes.

He was usually in deep slumber in Mu Ru Yue’s belly. The only moments that he awoke were when Mu Ru Yue was in danger. Hence, he only knew Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen.

“Who are you?” Ye Si Huang frowned his adorable eyebrows. With a voice slightly displeased, he asked, “Why do you look so much like me?”


‘I’m really displeased!

‘Can this brat be father’s hidden illegitimate son?’

“Brat, you are younger than me so it should be that you look similar to me instead.” Zi Qian Jing’s eyebrow rose. With a languish smile on his face, he asked, “Is Si Huang your real name?”

Ye Si Huang glanced at him as he replied, “My name was given to me by my father so how can my name be not real? You still have not told me your name!”

“Zi Qian Jing.”

‘Zi Qian Jing?’

Ye Si Huang’s eyebrows creased increasingly, but he didn’t say anything in the end. When he was pondering, the youth raised his hand to smack on his head.

Ye Si Huang was stunned by that smack.

‘I’ve lived for so many years. It has always been me doing the beatings. Did this stinky brat really hit me?’

“A kid should act like a kid. Your frowning and pondering appearance look too much like an adult’s!”

Ye Si Huang came back to his senses. With his adorable face flushed, he rebuked, “Who are you calling a kid? You are the kid instead!”

‘I’m already around ten thousand-year-old. How can I be a kid? It is just that this body’s appearance is really quite a burden…’

Ye Si Huang grabbed onto Ye Si Huang’s neck to pull him to his side. WIth his smile increasingly languish, he said in a captivating voice, “Brat, where are your parents? I will bring you back to them!”

‘If it was in the past, if someone were to do this to me, I will definitely carry out a massacre. But it is obscure why I didn’t hurt this silver robed youth this time even though I’m enraged…’

“Jing Er, stop scaring the boy.” Zi Shao hastily tugged onto Zi Qian Jing’s hand, making him release his grip on Ye Si Huang. She then meticulously checked if Ye Si Huang was hurt before suggesting with a smile, “Little Si Huang, since Jing Er calls me his Aunt, how about you call me Aunt as well? Since the two of you looks so similar in appearance, how about becoming sworn brothers?”

Author’s note: Haha! I’ve seen what was written in the forum and discovered that several people had guessed it. If I were to write about Hua Xia, the Zi family would indeed appear there. They would then return back to the continent with the main leads. But I’m unsure if I will write it…
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