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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 752 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 1

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Chapter 752 -Brothers Met But Did Not Recognise Each Other Part 1

There was finally a change in Ye Lin’s expression as she looked astonished at the little fella standing before her. His eyes were full of smiles, but they gave her chills instead…

“What did you say?”

She abruptly got back to her senses.

‘I can’t believe I just got frightened by a kid.’

Her expression suddenly became distorted as she stood up and pounced toward Ye Si Huang.

A gale arose as a mighty aura burst forth from Ye Si Huang’s little body with his hair fluttering in the wind.


Ye Lin was sent flying backward, crashing heavily against a wall.


Ye Lin’s complexion turned gravely pale as she looked with disbelief at the seemingly weak little boy.

Ye Si Huang walked slowly over to her. There was a huge smile on his tender jade-carved face, but his eyes were like a bottomless abyss…

“Aunty, where is the Devil Sect located? I am sure that you know that.”

Ye Lin was finally terrified at this instant.

‘The little fella before me is obviously just five-year-old. How on earth is he able to possess such might?’

Ye Si Huang’s purple eyes were bloodthirsty even though he was smiling. It was as though human lives were as negligible as ants in his eyes…

Who on earth was he to possess such disdainful eyes? Even if it was those bloodthirsty people of the Devil Sect, they wouldn’t be able to be like him to view human’s life as nothing.

“I… I will tell you. Please don’t kill me. If you don’t kill me, I will tell you.”

Ye Lin shuddered in fright. With terror on her pale face, she revealed, “The Devil Sect is located in the Devil City. If you continue to head East from this place, you will reach the Devil City in about two months’ time…”

“Thank you, Aunty.” Ye Si Huang smiled innocently as he turned around to head out of the alley.

Ye Lin gradually heaved a sigh of relief as she looked gloomily at Ye Si Huang.

‘I must call for the Ye family’s help to pursue after him once he leaves this place! No! Not only him, even his parents and family members, I won’t let anyone of them off!

‘Anyone that offends me must have their family’s lineage eradicated!’


Suddenly, flames arose in her surrounding. The intense pain made Ye Lin shriek out heartrendingly.

A childish, yet bloodthirsty voice entered her ears from afar.

“Aunty, I always dislike leaving seeds of disaster in whatever I do. You should actually be glad. If it was the previous me, you definitely wouldn’t be able to die this easily! Yet, I don’t have time to play with you today so I will let you die quickly…”


She yelled out with all her might with her eyes fully widened while being burned by the flames.


‘I can’t accept this!

‘Why did this kid give me hope but only make his next move the moment I rejoiced?’

Ye Lin regretted profusely at this moment.

She regretted being greedy in wanting to kidnap him. What she regretted even more was that the first thing that came to her mind from being able to continue living was how to revenge on that little child and his family…

Her voice vanished quickly. When the breeze blew past, her ashes scattered along with the wind…

“Devil Sect?”

Ye Si Huang raised his head slightly toward the sky. A maturity that didn’t suit his age was revealed on his tender jade-carved face…

“It’s been ten thousand years. Tian Mo, I don’t know if you can still remember me!”

“Jing Er, look at that kid. He looks almost just like you!”

A voice was suddenly heard at this moment, making Ye Si Huang frown. He then looked in front of him. Two figures were instantly reflected in his eyes…
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