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Chapter 695 -Treatment Part 9

The autumn wind rustled in the air, making the autumn leaves sway with it.

Two figures stood on the summit of a mountain. The man’s purple robe fluttered in the wind. He had a charming handsome face that would make the world lose its luster. His arm was embracing a girl’s slender waist with a perfect smile on his face.

Furthermore, the girl beside the man wasn’t in the slightest outshined by his handsome appearance. They looked like a divine couple, making anyone that saw them envious.

“Wu Chen, we are reaching the venue for the Immortal Doctor Banquet. The people from the Pill Tower have already reached that place and are waiting for me. Perhaps we will encounter people from the Immortal Doctor Sect at that place. Thus, you should wait inside the Alchemy Book.”

Ye Wu Chen frowned as he asked, “What about yourself?”

“Don’t forget that I was only at the Xiantian Full Circle Realm when we previously encountered them.” Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly before continuing, “Hence, the Immortal Doctor Sect would not be able to make a move on me unless I reveal my Earth Realm’s might!”

Although Qing Yi and Ye Wu Chen were at the Spiritual Realm, there definitely shouldn’t only be a handful of Spiritual Realm experts in the Immortal Doctor Sect so it was better to be safe.

A large hand pressed against the back of Mu Ru Yue’s head as Ye Wu Chen leaned in to kiss her alluring thin lips. It was as though he was tasting her lips for the last time.

Following that, he released her and warned threateningly, “You aren’t allowed to pick flowers and trample grasses when I’m away! If you are in danger, I will exit the Alchemy Book and come for your aid!”

He gave Mu Ru Yue a final glance after saying that before he moved in a flash to enter the Alchemy Book…

Mu Ru Yue chuckled as she brushed her lips with her slender finger. That guy was still as petty. But she loved to see her man’s adorable appearance when he was jealous…

The Immortal Doctor Banquet was held within the Immortal Banquet Sect. Only those with an invitation could enter.

It was like a small scaled city within the enormous Immortal Doctor Sect. It had all necessary facilities. When Mu Ru Yue entered the sect, she was brought to a place to rest.

Yet, she suddenly halted her steps at that instant as her gaze landed on a familiar figure…

The man had fire-like red hair. He looked enchanting but yet mysterious. He had bloodthirsty red eyes. He looked gloomy even while he had a enchanter-like handsome face.

He shifted his gaze to look toward her as though noticing her gaze. When both of their gazes met, a peculiar glint surged in his bloodshot eyes.

He parted his lips to say something, but when his words reached his throat, he swallowed them back down…

“Feng Jing Tian!”

Mu Ru Yue was startled as she didn’t expect to reunite with this man at this place. Moreover, she kept feeling a weird vibe from Feng Jing Tian.

He was like a bloodthirsty demon. There wasn’t a human-like aura coming from him…

Mu Ru Yue had tossed their past dispute to the back of her mind at this moment. When she thought about all the things that Feng Jing Tian had done for her, a complicated feeling surged in her heart.

“Elder brother apprentice.”

A young girl with a sweet smile walked to Feng Jing Tian’s side. When she followed his gaze to look toward Mu Ru Yue, she was instantly stunned for a moment before she commented, “Why is she here?”

Feng Jing Tian’s adam apple rolled a little before he finally decided to walk toward Mu Ru Yue. A complex feeling surged in his heart.

It had been ages since he last met this girl. She looked increasingly captivating but it was a pity that she wasn’t his…

Feng Jing Tian’s heart tightened in agony when his phoenix eyes swept a gaze at the obvious protrusion of her abdomen. Even though he knew that this would happen eventually, his heart still ached upon seeing that.

He was still unable to forget this heartless girl even after such a long separation…
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