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Chapter 694 -Treatment Part 8

Seeing that he remained unmoved, Yao Lin couldn’t help but to curse at him, “You stubborn old fool, why did you wake up? Why don’t you just die? Who told you to favour third brother so much? You are still siding with him even now by deciding to kill another of your sons for a person that has already died! Furthermore, you placed your sight on Yao Yun Qing after third brother was gone. Why are you so unwilling to give me those powers? How can a girl be comparable to me? If you dare to kill me today, I will curse you. I will curse that you will die from a terrible death and that your legacy will end!!”

He yelled heart-wrenchingly with a hoarse voice. His ghostly voice was heard by the crowd for a long time as he was dragged away. His curses were heard further and further away from them until they vanished…

Yao Jun opened his eyes. At that instant, it seemed as though he had aged decades. Weakness was expressed on his face.

“It seems that I’ve really aged…”

If it wasn’t for him to have aged, how else could Yao Lin do such a thing under his nose?

“Grandfather,” Yao Yun Qing pursed her lips slightly. With a faint glow on her delicate and pretty face, she said, “Please let me introduce you to someone. This is my friend Mu Ru Yue. She was the one that refined the Heaven Stage Low Rank pill that saved your life.”


Yao Jun looked toward Mu Ru Yue and his eyes instantly lit up. With a smile, he complimented, “Such a young Heaven Stage Low Rank alchemist! You have such an outstanding innate talent. May I know who your master is?”

Her master would definitely be a grandmaster alchemist to be able to tutor his disciple to such a standard.

Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly as she replied, “My master dislikes me saying his name before others.”

“So that’s the case.”

Yao Jun chuckled. He wasn’t displeased by Mu Ru Yue’s reply. He also knew that some experts liked to live in seclusion, not being known by the world. This girl must had been recruited by such an expert.

Perhaps her master should be a Heaven Stage Peak Rank Alchemist to be able to possess such a disciple…

“Lady, I wonder if you will be able to stay in the Yao family for a couple of days?” Yao Jun asked smilingly. His tone was respectful but wasn’t trying to curry favor with her.

He naturally must receive such a young alchemist talent properly.

“There’s no need for that. I’m hurrying to attend the Immortal Doctor Banquet so I will be departing for it now. But…” A glimmer flashed past her eyes before continuing, “There aren’t much issues with your body that just a Heaven Stage Low Rank pill could treat your illness. There should be Heaven Stage Low Rank alchemists in the Medicine Sect. But why did they say that you are beyond treatment then?”

Mu Ru Yue stopped saying anything further after telling him the main point. She believed that Yao Jun would be able to understand what she was trying to imply with his intelligence.

As expected, Yao Jun became quiet, not replying to her.

“Eldest brother! Yun Qing! I would like to send the two of you to a place before heading for the Immortal Doctor Banquet. Father and mother will be waiting at that place for the two of you. Your cultivation should’ve improved by leaps and bounds after leaving that place.”

Mu Ru Yue smiled.

Perhaps what had happened during these few days had aggravated Xiao Feng that when he heard her words, his cold eyes lit up instantly as he agreed, “Alright!”

Yao Yun Qing didn’t say anything but she similarly wanted to improve her cultivation. It would be hard for her to survive in this world that revered experts if she didn’t have sufficient power.

“Qing Er, you are leaving so soon?” Yao Jun was a little startled as he asked with slight reluctance.

Yao Yun Qing shifted her gaze to the elder as she replied smiling, “Grandfather, don’t worry. I will be back in a jiffy… ”
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