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Chapter 692 -Treatment Part 6

‘I just need to wait for Mu Ru Yue to fail in treating father. I shall then see what excuses they will come up with to fool Senior Hui Yi!’

Everyone was waiting anxiously as time passed slowly. An anomaly appeared in the sky just when they were getting impatient. A thunder cloud had formed in clear sky.


A lightning descended, falling within the Yao family.

Yao Lin widened his eyes as though he saw an impossible scene. His body quivered as he commented, “Grey tribulation lightning? Heaven Stage Low Rank pill?”

That’s right!

This kind of lightning would only appear when a Heaven Stage Low Rank pill had been refined…

The crowd was stunned momentarily. They didn’t believe that the girl was really a Heaven Stage Low Rank Alchemist…

This realization gave everyone a fright.

The tribulation lightning lasted for a long time before dissipating. The door was then opened. Two figures in white and purple suddenly appeared at the entrance of the room.

The sleeves of the girl’s white robe fluttered slightly with her hair fluttering in the breeze. Her robe was spotlessly clean, making it seem as though she didn’t undergo a lightning tribulation. It looked as if she had just freshened herself up instead…

“Yue Er!”

Yao Yun Qing was elated as she moved in a flash to stand beside Mu Ru Yue before asking nervously, “How is it? How’s my grandfather?”

A smile graced Mu Ru Yue’s face as she replied indifferently, “His luck overwhelmed his death.”

Yao Yun Qing’s heart jolted as though a sudden clap of lightning had struck near her. She covered her lips as tears of happiness flowed down from her eyes.

‘That’s great!

‘Grandfather has finally recovered…’

Yao Yun Qing became completely stirred up upon thinking about that with her eyes filled with glimmering tears.

The heavens knew how long she had awaited for this moment…

“Father… he… he has recovered?” Yao Lin was stunned. A trace of panic flashed past his eyes. It was just for an instant, but Senior Hui Yi had coincidentally noticed that.

Hui Yi frowned slightly, but he didn’t say anything. He glanced toward Mu Ru Yue and asked, “When will the head awaken?”

A light cough was suddenly heard in the room when he was asking that.

Yao Yun Qing was the first to charge into the room. An elder that already had his eyes opened entered her sight. With a voice slightly choked with her emotions, she asked, “Grandfather, you… you are alright?”

“Qing Er, it must have been hard on you during this period of time.” Yao Jun smiled. He didn’t even need to think as he already knew what would happen in the Yao family during this period of time when he was unconscious.

He then suddenly narrowed his eyes as he shot a furious gaze toward the entrance of the room, landing on a figure that was trying to evade his gaze.

Everyone instantly followed his gaze and looked at Yao Lin that was cowering with slight curiosity.

“Stinky brat, come in here now!”

Yao Jun yelled in fury. His gaze was as though he wanted to tear Yao Lin’s corpse into tiny pieces!


Yao Lin was so terrified that his legs gave way, directly kneeling before Yao Jun. With a tears filled face, he pleaded, “Father, your son’s mind was muddled at that time. I didn’t do that matter intentionally. Please forgive your son.”


Yao Jun raised his head and burst out laughing. Madness filled his smiles. He then closed his eyes gradually with sorrow filling his elderly face.

“Such a good son! You are really a good son that I have raised!”

Everyone was clueless as to what had happened, but it was undeniable that the second master must had done something that provoked the head of the family…

“Head!” Senior Hui Yi frowned as he glanced at Yao Lin who was trembling all over while he knelt before Yao Jun before asking, “What happened?”
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