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Chapter 687 -Treatment Part 1

The elder was standing in mid air while surveying the crowd beneath him with a cold gaze as sharp as a sword. His gaze was exceptionally sharp, making it impossible for anyone to hide from his sight.

Yao Lin dashed toward the elder in a sorry state. His steps stumbled a couple of times, nearly making him topple over. He yelled frantically, “Senior Hui Yi (grey clothing), save me!”

The elder known as Senior Hui Yi swept a glance at him, but didn’t say anything. He instead shifted his gaze toward Xiao Yue and asked indifferently, “I don’t know how my Yao family has offended you. But why are you acting so impudent in my Yao family?”

Xiao Yue narrowed her silver pupils slightly. With a tinge of light that flashed past her eyes, she commented, “Spiritual Realm expert!”

‘This old man is a Spiritual Realm expert…’

“Your Yao family has captured my master’s eldest brother. Can it be that we can’t come to the Yao family to get him back?” Xiao Yue sneered with her beautiful eyes filled with mockery.

Senior Hui Yi’s gaze became increasingly cold. With his killing intent bursting forth from his body, he replied, “But don’t you think that you are being too ruthless in killing so many members of my Yao family?”

Xiao Yue chuckled. With ruthlessness in her silver eyes, she replied, “Ruthless? Old man, aren’t you a fool in saying that a wolf is too ruthless? Our wolf race are ruthless demon beasts so we don’t know what it is to be humane! Don’t mention massacring these many people, I, Xiao Yue, won’t feel the tiniest bit of pity even if I were to massacre the entire heaven and earth for my master!”

‘Wolves are naturally savage and ruthless creatures. This old man is either senile or an idiot for questioning the humanity of a wolf! The least emotion that we have in our heart is sympathy!

‘I don’t mind destroying indiscriminately in order to clear any obstacle that blocks my master’s path!’

“Hur! Hur!” Senior Hui Yi chuckled lowly. Wth a killing intent infused voice, he said, “Good! Very good! Since that is the case, don’t blame me for being impolite!”


A tyrannical aura burst forth from the elder’s body. The entire atmosphere became tense. It was as though an enormous mountain had come crashing down on Xiao Yue’s body.


Xiao Yue’s legs gave way, making her lie on the ground. Self ridicule surged in her silver eyes. If she had her previous cultivation, how could she be this oppressed?

Her cultivation had deteriorated to the True Realm even though her injuries had fully recovered. Hence, she currently wasn’t strong enough to face a Spiritual Realm expert…


Another aura shot over from the side, dissipating the elder’s aura. Xiao Yue instantly felt the pressure on her vanished, allowing her to stand back up to her feet.

The elder narrowed his eyes slightly as he looked coldly at the green robed man before him. With an icy expression, he commented, “A Spiritual Realm expert? It is now not a wonder why this wolf dares to barge into my Yao family. It is due to having the backings of a Spiritual Realm expert. Who are you anyways?”

Qing Yi’s black eyes were muddled without any focus. He just looked indifferently at the elder before he moved in a flash to the oncoming couple that was nearing them.


His voice was tremendously respectful as he greeted expressionlessly.

“Qing Yi, you can step down!” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly. She then shifted her gaze to the elder that was standing in mid air. A tinge of coldness could be seen on her flawless face.

“Yue Er,” A glimmer flashed past Yao Yun Qing’s eyes as she whispered, “This is Senior Hui Yi. He is an expert as powerful as my grandfather within the Yao family. He isn’t an unreasonable person even though he doesn’t acknowledge me. Let me have a chat with him first.”

Mu Ru Yue withdrew her gaze and nodded slightly as she agreed, “Alright.”

She pulled Ye Wu Chen with her to step two steps back upon saying that, leaving her previous position to Yao Yun Qing…

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