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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 664 – Departure Part 1

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Chapter 664 – Departure Part 1

Dongfang Liang’s body shuddered as he stared at the girl that was smiling faintly with gravely white complexion. He hadn’t gotten back to his senses from what she said…

‘What did she say just now?

‘It wasn’t the Moshang family that crippled Jun Er? It was her instead?’

Dongfang Liang’s expression instantly turned sinister. He then suddenly raised his head to laugh brazenly. His laughters echoed in the surrounding for a long time…

“Hahaha! Mu Ru Yue, I, Dongfang Liang has never been impressed by anyone before. But you are the first! Only you can come up with such a sinister plot! I’m tremendously impressed!”

His eyes turned bloodshot red as he stared at the girl’s flawless appearance while he said that.

Mu Ru Yue pouted as she rebuked, “When did I say that the one that crippled Dongfang Jun is the Moshang family? It was all your misunderstandings.”


Dongfang Liang spat a mouthful of blood and stumbled a little with sorrow filled eyes.

‘I originally thought that it was the Moshang family that hurt Jun Er, but it is this girl instead. Yet, I have offended the Moshang family due to that, obtaining an extra foe…’

“Xiao Bai! Xiao Yue!”

Mu Ru Yue gradually turned around with her back facing the sunlight. Her slender body looked so dazzling while the breeze blew. She was shining as bright as the brightest pearl…

“The two of you can do anything you like to the Dongfang family.”

She raised her gaze slightly as a trace of light smile graced her face, which was indistinct to sight.

“Mu Er.”

Ye Wu Chen raised his arms to pull Mu Ru Yue into his embrace, running through her hair gently with his long, slender fingers. He then smiled charmingly and asked, “Since our matters here are done, shall we head back to the Central Region?”

Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly before she replied, “I came here via Mu Rong Qing Chu’s help. If we want to leave, we probably need to go through him. But I don’t know when he will appear.”

That man had too much secrets that up until now, Mu Ru Yue didn’t know his real background.

But it was undeniable that he didn’t have any ill intention toward her…

Ye Wu Chen turned his head toward Zi Shao that had a grievance filled expression. With a light frown, he offered, “You can come with us, but if you dare take her away from me again, I will make it so that you will never be able to get close to her!”

Zi Shao stuck out her tongue as she giggled lovably.

She knew that her cousin was one that talks harshly but has a soft heart. He definitely wouldn’t let her leave after so many years of separation. But that guy would never express gentle expressions to anyone other than Mu Ru Yue.

This was due to him used to not easily showing his state of mind on his face to anyone else.

Even if it was before his parents, he was always cold and indifferent. Yet, he had sacrificed his life in order to save the Zi family, but ultimately still failed to save them…

Zi Shao’s heart stung for a moment upon thinking back of that bloody scene. It was fortunate that she wasn’t the only one from the Zi family that remains to exist in this world…

“Master,” Nangong Zi Lan looked toward Zi Shao and bit her lips before walking timidly to her side. She then said after blinking her eyes, “Will you be returning to the Nangong family with us?”

“I won’t be, “Zi Shao shook her head before continuing with light smiles, “I’ve found the people that I’ve been searching for. Hence, I won’t ever be returning to the Nangong family.”

It was as though Zi Shao could feel despondent from the girl as she continued, “Zi Lan, if you have time, you can come and look for me. I will welcome your comings anytime…”
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