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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 661 -Gathering And Reunion Part 4

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Chapter 661 -Gathering And Reunion Part 4

Qing Yi’s complexion constantly changed between white and green as he looked alarmingly at the girl that was sneering. He couldn’t help but to shudder in fear.

‘Fuck! That fool Dongfang Liang!’

Qing Yi really had an impulse to kill Dongfang Liang with a smack now. But he knew that it wasn’t the time for that kind of matter currently. He took in a deep breath to suppress the fury in his heart as he walked briskly toward Zi Shao.

Following that, he revealed a flattering smile under the crowd’s gaze as he said, “Lady Zi Shao, why… why are you here? Please don’t listen to the nonsense that these people are saying. I didn’t say or do anything. I was just passing by and was going to leave shortly…”

That’s right, he was just a passerby…

Dongfang Liang’s smile stiffened. If he still hadn’t notice the fear of Qing Yi toward that lady, he was indeed a fool.

But her cultivation was clearly inferior as compared to Qing Yi. Why was Qing Yi that fearful of her?

“My elder brother and sister-in-law are being bullied. How can I as their cousin not come?” Zi Shao smirked and said with a fake smile, “But I didn’t expect to hear such a great news. I’m really impressed in you having such a great title as the disciple of Deity Yun Yi!”

Qing Yu chuckled drily as he replied after wiping off his cold sweat from his forehead, “Lady Zi Shao, please don’t tease me. I really didn’t say anything. They were the ones that guessed that by themselves. Lady Zi Shao, you definitely mustn’t tell this matter to Deity Yun Yi. If not… If not, I will be killed!”

If Dongfang Liang was astonished previously, he was completely stupefied now.

‘Qing Yi wants that woman not to tell his identity to Deity Yun Yi? Otherwise, he is dead? What… what does he mean by that?’

“Er…” Dongfang Liang’s lips twitched for a moment before he asked timidly, “Lord Qing Yi, what… what do you mean by that? You are a bonafide disciple of Deity Yun Yi. Why are you afraid of her?”

“Shut up!” Qing Yi glared at Dongfang Liang and shouted with a furious gaze, “Who told you that I am the disciple of Deity Yun Yu? I definitely won’t do anything to increase my reputation falsely!”


‘But you clearly said that yourself…’

Qing Yi mercilessly struck his palm toward the pitiful Dongfang Liang before he could say further as he intercepted, preventing Dongfang Liang from saying the truth, “There is no ‘buts’! Dongfang Liang, I will clearly tell you now that I am not the disciple of Deity Yun Yi. Lady Zi Shao is his direct line of disciple instead!”

Those disciples that were direct in line would have more focus and nurturement as compared to ordinary disciples…


Dongfang Liang’s body was sent flying, colliding against a wall. But he seemed to not feel any pain as he froze at his spot, looking dazedly at Qing Yi’s malevolent expression.

‘I’ve heard wrongly!

‘That’s right, I definitely must have misheard!

“How can the Ouyang family have connections to the disciple of Deity Yun Yi? That kind of status is definitely not one where their kind of people can come in contact with!”

Qing Yi raised his leg to kick Dongfang Liang’s body a couple of times fiercely. He then said furiously, “Don’t you think of making me a scapegoat for what you have done! What kind of people are the elder brother and sister-in-law of the disciple of Deity Yun Yi? How can your puny Dongfang family afford to offend them? This is especially the case where her sister-in-law is a twenty years old Heaven Stage Low Rank Alchemist. Fucktard! Do you understand what a youthful Heaven Stage Low Rank Alchemist means? It serves as a proof that kind of talent will certainly be able to reach the Heaven Stage Peak Rank or even become a god that the common populace are impossible to get in touch with!”
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