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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 65 – You Reap What You Sow

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Chapter 65- You Reap What You Sow

“Family Head! Family Head! Grandmaster Tian Yuan has arrived.”

In the lounge of the Mu family, Mu Qing was contently tasting savory tea. He could already imagine the wretched girl being troubled by Grandmaster Wu Yu. His lips subconsciously curled up into a smile.

Upon hearing the announcement, Mu Qing had immediately become elated. Just as he planned to head out to greet him, he saw Tian Yuan, who wore a green-trimmed gown, stride into the lounge.

Currently, Tian Yuan wore a displeased expression. It wasn’t elation as Mu Qing had thought. This made him apprehensive. ‘Can it be something occurred without him knowing?’

“Grandmaster Tian Yuan, how was that matter?” Mu Qing forcefully smiled while respectfully asking that.

It would have been alright if he didn’t ask that. Once he asked, Tian Yuan’s expression turned murderous. He carried an aura that resembled the calm before a storm, radiating danger.

“Mu family Head, is the Second young mistress in? I’m missing a Yao Tong, and I hope that the Mu family Head will be able to help me with this. I definitely won’t treat you unfairly.”

After leaving the Mu residence, Tian Yuan had been brainstorming of ways to torture that sonuvabitch Mu family Head. The best way he thought up was to torture his precious daughter and make him think that he was allying himself to the Qing Yun Sect.

Even though Tian Yuan really wanted to violently beat up Mu Qing, Grandmaster Wu Yu had warned him before not to leak out Mu Ru Yue’s identity. Hence, he could only use such a way to deal with him. If he personally made his move on Mu Qing, Mu Qing might be able to infer something.

Mu Qing gradually heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that Tian Yuan looked so displeased because he was rejected by Mu Ru Yue, so he asked for another candidate. Currently, it was impossible for Mu Ting Er to be the Imperial Consort of the Crown Prince, so being the Yao Tong for Grandmaster Tian Yuan wasn’t bad.

“Grandmaster, when shall I make Ting Er go and find you?” Mu Qing’s eyes shone. Even though being a Yao Tong was insignificant, if her innate talent was fancied by Grandmaster Tian Yuan, there was a possibility she might be recruited as his disciple.

How could Tian Yuan not know what Mu Qing was currently scheming? He coldly snorted. His eyesight wasn’t terrible enough to keep that kind of girl as his disciple.

If he would use this opportunity to avenge that Lady Mu, then his performance might be enough to make Grandmaster Wu Yu withdraw his order for him to reflect by himself in the forbidden area.

“I shall bring her with me now.” Tian Yuan’s cold gaze swept towards Mu Qing. “From today onwards, Mu Ting Er of the Mu family will be Yao Tong for me, Tian Yuan. Thus, if anything happens to her in the future, she won’t have anything to do with your Mu family.

Mu Qing’s heart palpitated as he didn’t know if this were fortune or misfortune for his Mu family.

“Somebody, bring the Second young mistress over.” Mu Qing sighed as no matter what, Ting Er would have to be the one to put in the effort in gaining Grandmaster Tian Yuan’s recognition.

Mu Ting Er, who wore pink clothes, came in from the back courtyard. Her charming face was slightly pale, and her eyebrows expressed melancholy, making her look so lovable that it attracted a person’s tender affection.

She pursed her lips before sincerely greeting Grandmaster Tian Yuan. “Ting Er greets Grandmaster Tian Yuan.”

“Ting Er.” Mu Qing shifted his gaze to Mu Ting Er and sighed. He had really doted on this adopted girl as though she were his biological daughter.

“Grandmaster Tian Yuan has came to recruit you as his Yao Tong. You will leave shortly with the Grandmaster.”

“What?” Mu Ting Er became so excited that she couldn’t believe what she’d heard. “Father, is that the truth?”
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