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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 575 – Death Contract and Sharing Life Part 2

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Chapter 575- Death Contract and Sharing Life Part 2


The middle aged man chuckled and mocked, “So what if you have broken through to the Earth realm? You still won’t be my match!”

How could he a Heaven realm expert place any importance on a puny Earth Realm practitioner? Mu Ru Yue didn’t say anything. She just gradually raised her hand, making a flame sword to appear in her hand. Her expression was calm as though she didn’t feel a threat from them.

“Yan Jin, kill them all!”

She lifted her gaze slightly and said those words heavily.

“These people had interrupted this senior’s rest so this senior will naturally not forgive them!” Yan Jin smirked. His domineerance was naked to the eye, attracting attention to him.

The bystanders in the surrounding saw this scene and hastily hid by the side, fearing that the battle might implicate them…


A palm wind strike was shot toward Yan Jin, but Yan Jin’s black figure dodged it and disappeared at that instant.

The palm wind seemed to have ripped the air as hissing sounds could be heard. When that man was curious as to where Yan Jin disappeared to, a sinister cold aura came from behind him.

The man who was standing behind him had a faint smile. The black sword in his hand had been brandished, making a sword ray of light to pierce toward that man’s chest like a crescent moon. That man couldn’t even react to raise his weapon to block that light, allowing the sword aura to penetrate through his chest.

Blood permeated from his chest, staining his robe.

The crowd were slightly in shock.

Didn’t he just breakthrough to the Earth realm? Why did it feel as though he had already entered this realm for at least a century already…

“Hmph!” The middle aged man snorted before his body pierced in a flash like a sword towards Yan Jin as he bragged, “Brat, let me show you what a genuine expert is!”

Yan Jin’s gaze became slightly focused as he raised his black sword to receive his opponent’s attack.


Yan Jin was forced to retreat a couple of steps back as he stood in mid air. A trail of blood was flowing out from the man’s mouth. His web between the thumb and forefinger of a hand was numb and his stomach started to churn slightly like overturning seas and rivers.

He was still at the Earth realm and didn’t have a sword like the Heavenly Flame Sword so there was still a large disparity in strength as compared to the Heaven realm…

Mu Ru Yue was similarly in the same predicament as Yan Jin…

She still had combat chance if she were to deal with a small amount of Earth realm practitioners. Yet, her opponents outnumbered her, gradually making it difficult for her to cope with it.

Furthermore, she was unable to release her mental powers under the attack from these many people.

More importantly, her belly had been becoming increasingly larger ever since she entered realmless. But the little fellow in her belly was quiet…

“This won’t last long. I must think of another plan!”

Mu Ru Yue raised her sword to block her opponent’s attack, making her retreat a couple of steps. She frowned lightly with a cold gaze.

“Brat, your power is still inferior than mine,” The middle aged man chuckled. An intense gale suddenly burst forth from his body. Under the encircling wind around his body, his gaze became increasingly sinister as he stated, “Furthermore, the two of you must die today. I will kill you first before I deal with that girl!”

He glanced at Mu Ru Yue when he said that.

He was then stupefied with that glance…

He saw the other stuffing handful after handful of pills in her mouth as though those pills worth nothing. The heart of the middle aged man ached as he saw this sight…


‘She is being too wasteful!

‘How can she consume pills in such a fashion? She makes it seem as though it isn’t pills in her hand but is candies instead…’
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