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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 554 – Ouyang Family’s Help Request Part 5

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Chapter 554 – Ouyang Family’s Help Request Part 5

Even though she didn’t place any importance on Liu Yu, Liu Yu would cause lots of trouble if she didn’t deal with her.

It would be really frustrating if the problems kept accumulating with time…

She just wanted to teach Liu Yu a lesson, but Yi Shao Chen did it first.

“The one that is truly intelligent is you.” Yi Shao Chen smiled and with glimmers in his peach blossom eyes, he continued, “I dislike Liu Yu and it can even be said that I detest her. But Imperial mother is a person of the Liu family so I decided to leave Liu Yu with her life. There will no longer be any inkling relationship to me on how the Liu family’s fate will be in the future. I had done my part.”

Yi Shao Chen didn’t call himself Ben Wang before Mu Ru Yue.

He had subconsciously placed her as his equal after knowing that she was an expert…

“King Chen chose to use finger to settle her.” Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly before glancing at his groin and asked, “It can’t be that you are… impotent?”

Shao Yi Chen’s expression darkened with traces of panic in his peach blossom eyes.

That’s right, it was indeed panic! It was the kind of nervousness when a person’s mistake was caught on by someone.

Mu Ru Yue was stunned. She had just asked casually. Could it be that King Chen was really impotent?

“Cough Cough!” Mu Ru Yue coughed drily. With a slight smirk, she continued, “So you really can’t do it. You even boasted to the Empress that you will let her carry her grandchild soon”

Flames of fury blazed in Shao Yi Chen’s eyes. He could only suppress his anger after a long time had passed. He then replied coldly, “I definitely wouldn’t touch a woman like Liu Yu even if I’m capable! Moreover, since I swore, I naturally have my solution to it. It is just a child. I can randomly pick a man to undergo sexual intercourse with my concubines. What does it have to do with me if it is really mine or not?”

He was indeed impotent! Thus, he had never undergone sexual intercourse even if he previously had several concubines.

In other words, Shao Yi Chen was currently still a virgin. Of course, it wasn’t by will as he was really incapable in that area…

“I can treat you.”

Mu Ru Yue rose her brows and said that casually.

“What did you say?” Yi Shao Chen’s breath tightened as his peach blossom eyes stared fixedly at her.

“Have I mentioned to you that I am an alchemist?” Mu Ru Yue leaned back on her chair and with a faint smile, she continued, “It isn’t hard treating your illness, but I will need to charge a fee for it.”

“How much?”

He definitely wouldn’t reject any price that she would state as he didn’t want to stay impotent.

“A million Gold coins!”


Yi Shao Chen agreed without hesitation.

Mu Ru Yue momentarily regretted after she saw him agreeing so readily.

‘I should have demanded for more. Since I have gotten less gold coins, I will gain more from medicinal ingredients.’

Hence, Mu Ru Yue wrote an entire page of medicinal ingredients before tossing it before Yi Shao Chen. “I will treat you after you gathered these medicinal ingredients for me.”

Yi Shao Chen held onto the paper in his hand firmly. Even he didn’t understand why he trusted this woman to treat his illness…

Perhaps she had a charisma that would make people trust her.

“Yi Shao Chen, has there been any progress on finding who I want to find?” Mu Ru Yue frowned. She hadn’t search for Ye Wu Chen even though she had been in this place for a period of time already.

‘I wonder where he is now…’

Yi Shao Chen shook his head. With a gentle smile, he said, “Don’t worry. I’ve dispatched several of my men to search for him. Perhaps they will be able to find your husband soon.”

“I hope so…”
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