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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 503 – The Family Of Three Part 7

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Chapter 503 -The Family Of Three Part 7

His eyes narrowed as he said that. If anyone were to speak up and say that they were unwilling, that person’s head would definitely fall.

‘Understanding person?’

The crowd smiled bitterly. He didn’t seem to be a person that would respect their opinions with that threatening appearance of his.

“Old ancestor, you have misunderstood.”

Someone was finally willing to smile and say, flatteringly, “How could we be unwilling? We were just thinking about how we can be more sincere when we apologize to him. We are definitely not unwilling.”

“That’s right. Old ancestor, we are truly willing. We just don’t know when we shall depart?”

Mu Ru Yue sneered mockingly as she looked at those flattering elders. This was the benefit in having power. If the old ancestor didn’t enter closed door training, would they still have had the guts to treat Xiao Yun in that fashion?

Those that weren’t powerful in this world would just be oppressed by others…

“Moreover…” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she continued indifferently, “Elder Xiao, who left with Xiao Yun, is still alive. He bore with so much suffering and exhaustion due to that matter. I hope that you will similarly apologise to him! You will all be his grandson before him from now on!”

According to their age, Elder Xiao was far younger than them. Thus, when the crowd heard Mu Ru Yue’s words, their expressions become slightly unpleasant but they didn’t dare to flare up.

Not only that, they even instantly wore an expression to show that they were willing after a split second.

“Don’t worry. We will definitely worship Elder Xiao.”

“Don’t even mention being his grandson. We are willing to be his great-grandson to convey our sincerity.”

Everyone commented one after the other to show their determination.

Mu Ru Yue no longer looked at them and turned her head toward Xiao Feng as she said, “Eldest brother, let’s head back to the Sheng Domain today. We should really prepare ourselves for that trip.”


Xiao Feng nodded slightly.

He really wasn’t willing to come back to the Xiao family if it hadn’t been for the old ancestor and Xiao Bai Xuan…

Mu Ru Yue looked at the father and son staring at each other inside the courtyard of the Pill Tower. She chuckled and walked over. “What are you guys doing?”

Ye Wu Chen narrowed his purple eyes slightly. “Isn’t it all because of him? Since this bastard is our son, why didn’t he tell me earlier? He made me swallow a whole stomach’s worth of jealousy for nothing. I thought he was another peach blossom you had provoked, one you even treated so well.”

Ye Wu Chen was filled with grief as he said that. She had never treated him as well as she did with Zi Qian Jing so how could he not be jealous?

“I didn’t know the two of you knew about your past lives.” Zi Qian Jing pouted, feeling wronged. If he knew about this earlier, why would he hide his sadness?

“My wife.” Ye Wu Chen looked toward Mu Ru Yue with his own pitiful gaze and continued, “Even though he is our son, you are still solely mine. He can’t hog you even if it is him.”

“Why?!” Zi Qian Jing was enraged. This fellow’s jealousy was as intense as it was in the past.

Ye Wu Chen’s brows rose and replied, “Because I am her husband!”

“But I am her son. You are obstructing our mother and son’s interaction.”

“I am not forbidding you from seeing each other. It is just that you aren’t allowed to hug, kiss, or barge into her room late in the night…”

Seeing the constant bickering between father and son, Mu Ru Yue had a slight headache. Who knew what scene would arise once the little fellow in her womb was born?

“Alright. You two stop quarrelling.” Mu Ru Yue sighed in helplessness. “Quickly pack up your belongings; we are returning to the Sheng Domain.”

The two of them instantly turned their heads toward Mu Ru Yue.

“Mother, are we going to meet grandfather and grandmother?” Zi Qian Jing blinked his eyes as he asked with a pleasant smile on his handsome yet languish face.
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