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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 51 – Hidden Growth in Feelings Part 2

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Chapter 51- Hidden Growth in Feelings Part 2

The Emperor of Zi Yue’s complexion sunk. Why was that fool barging in? Actually, he knew Wu Chen couldn’t be counted as a fool, but his mentality had stagnated since he was six, so wouldn’t he be considered stupid when compared to a grown up?

“Let him in,” said the Emperor of Zi Yue, heavily.

Right after, a figure was seen flying in. When he saw a perfectly unharmed Mu Ru Yue, he inwardly heaved a sigh of relief before expressing a resplendent smile on his face.

“My wife, I’ll protect you.”

The young man had a sunny smile with clean and pure eyes similar to a child’s. That smile could make anyone uncontrollably choose to believe what he said.

“Wu Chen, let’s head home.” Mu Ru Yue held the youth’s hand with a smile on her face.

It was unknown why her heart actually calmed down once she looked into the pure eyes of that young man. If she were to marry in this different world, she would be willing to marry the pure and innocent Ye Wu Chen.

The reason was probably due to her heart being peaceful and serene once he was by her side. This feeling was something she hadn’t experienced before in her previous life… so even Mu Ru Yue herself didn’t know why she had such feelings.

When they first met, he said, ‘Elder sister, you smell nice,’ in a clean youthful voice without any trace of impurities. It reminded her of her younger brother from her previous life, but she knew that the youth before her definitely wasn’t him.

The day after that, when she saw a group of princes bullying him. His helpless and fragile appearance was still floating in her mind. At that time, she discovered his scar-covered, sinister body.

Those scars were extremely ugly, but it was caused by poison. The poison’s effects were potent, so every night of the new moon, he would definitely be tortured with a pain nobody would be able to withstand.

His parents died early, and he was poisoned. This young man was really pitiful…But it was just that.

When Ye Wu Chen smiled, his handsome appearance dazzles. The current him was like a villain that could sweep everyone off their feet. Every frown and smile he made was magnificent.

“Alright, let’s head home.”

That was right, they were heading home…

“Stop right there!” The Emperor of Zi Yue slammed his hand on the throne’s table as he shouted in fury, “Who allowed the both of you to leave? Without Our order, We shall see who dares to leave this place!”

Mu Ru Yue smiled. This Emperor of Zi Yue was indeed an incapable ruler.

It was really a mystery as to how this kind of Emperor was able to sit firmly on the throne without being abdicated these past 20 years.

“If I want to leave, nobody will be able to stop me!” Mu Ru Yue looked at the Emperor of Zi Yue without the slightest hint of fear. Her charming face was filled with chilling intent.

Her tone made the Emperor of Zi Yue’s body shudder as a ray of killing intent flashed in his eyes. Since this woman couldn’t be used by him, he needed to eliminate her in order to prevent future problems. He definitely couldn’t allow Mu Ru Yue to be together with Ye Wu Chen.

The laughable Emperor of Zi Yue greatly regretted having personally ordered the withdrawal of marriage between her and the Crown Prince right now…..

Nobody realised that at this moment, a peculiar ray of light shone in Ye Wu Chen’s eyes. Coincidentally, at this time, an eunuch came rushing in to report from outside the throne room.

“Your Majesty, something terrible has occurred! The Kingdom’s treasury suddenly caught fire. Everyone is heading there now to extinguish the flames and save the items.”

“What?!” The Emperor of Zi Yue violently stood up. There weren’t just countless treasures in the Kingdom’s treasury; there were also priceless treasures, placed personally by him.

Why had the Kingdom’s treasury suddenly caught fire now?

No, he couldn’t continue to wait here. He must head out and see its condition….

“Lead the way. 1We will personally head there now.” The Emperor of Zi Yue could no longer be bothered with Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen. He hastily led the crowd toward the Kingdom’s treasury.

1. Miki: Hey, Mr Emperor~ You need someone to lead you to the treasury? You sure you’re putting your priceless goods personally in the right place?
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