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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 498 – The Family Of Three Part 2

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Chapter 498 -The Family Of Three Part 2

Suddenly, Qing Shi’s eyes contracted slightly. He tried his best to increase his powers, but discovered that his power was unable to surge forth from his body.

Qing Shi got a fright upon knowing that.


Qing Shi gave out a heart wrenching shriek as he watched the youth near him as bloodshot lines appeared in his eyes.

“Please forgive me. Please I beg you…”

It was obscure as to why, but Qing Shi could obviously feel that the youth was much stronger than him. He had already been scared him from knowing that he was a thousand-year-old monster.

He had only lived for about a century. How could he match up with such a monster?

“Mother, what will happen in a bit will be a little gruesome so I will settle it elsewhere so that it won’t soil your eyes.” Zi Qian Jing narrowed his eyes slightly with a cold smile.

Mu Ru Yue stared at the youth unblinkingly.

‘So, he is mine and Wu Chen’s previous life’s child. Their child has already grown up and is so outstanding.’

She couldn’t help but be jubilant.


She nodded slightly.

Mu Ru Yue had always been tense since she arrived at the Central Region. She could finally relax for a while.

Zi Qian Jing raised his hand to grip Qing Shi’s shirt. The silver robe then soared into the sky, instantly disappearing from the crowd’s gaze…

Mu Ru Yue turned her head toward the shocked Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing after she saw the two figures disappeared. “Eldest brother and sister-in-law, I know that you are really curious about this. I will explain everything to you once we return to the Sheng Domain…”

Yao Yun Qing blushed when Mu Ru Yue said ‘sister-in-law’ and she even glanced bashfully at Xiao Feng by her side.

Xiao Feng was coincidentally looking at her at that moment. She hastily withdrew her gaze once their eyes connected and her heart pounded like a deer galloping.

“Sister, when shall we head back?” Xiao Feng turned his head toward Mu Ru Yue. With a doting gaze, he continued, “It has been some time since we have been away from home. Father and mother should miss us greatly.”

“We will head back once Wu Chen appears.” Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze and looked at the dark moon. “It should be about time he returns…”

Compared to Xiao Feng and Yao Yun Qing, the people of the Xiao family were completely dumbfounded.

It was completely out of their expectations for what had happened today. They didn’t expect Mu Ru Yue to have a cultivation that could rival a Mystic realm expert nor that she had such a tyrannical son that was a thousand years old.

Wasn’t that frightening?

Thinking about that, the crowd shuddered with a chill. What they were most afraid of was Mu Ru Yue wanting to settle the debts between them. It was great that the three of them didn’t even look at them as they seemed to have neglected their existence while they headed back to their respective rooms.

An indifferent voice was then heard after a long time.

“To the hundred members of the battle squad, escort the guests out. If anyone were to enter the Pill Tower without permission, kill them without any exception!”

The crowd felt a chill enter their heart when they heard her last five words. They didn’t wait for the members of the battle squad to escort them out as they hastily left the place to run back to the Xiao family…

It was night. The moonlight was as tranquil as water.

Mu Ru Yue was soundly asleep, but she suddenly felt her body being weighed down as a body pressed down onto her own. This feeling made her alarmed and paled. She hastily opened her eyes and kicked.

A groan was then heard before a man purposely lowered his voice and complained, “Mu Er, you want to end your husband’s legacy?”

Mu Ru Yue was stunned as she now clearly saw who was the one that had been pressing down on her body.

At this moment, the man’s complexion was pale from the pain as cold sweat emitted profusely from his forehead. He covered his groin and said with gritted teeth, “You could have chosen to kick anywhere, but why must you choose to kick me at that spot? If something went wrong, both of our happiness will end.”
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