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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 462 – Power’s Initiation Plan Part 5

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Chapter 462 -Power’s Initiation Plan Part 5

The waiter felt a cold aura being emitted from the man beside Mu Ru Yue before he could finish his piece. The waiter instantly trembled in fear and shut his rambling mouth.

“To… to the three guest, do you want to have your meal in a private room or in the main hall?” The waiter looked carefully at Xiao Feng who had a cold expression as he said timidly.

“Private room,” Mu Ru Yue said indifferently.

“To the three guests, please come with me.”

When the waiter turned around, he discreetly wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, only to find that the back of his hand was drenched in sweat.

The cultivation of that man was too horrifying.

It was unimaginable that a man of such strength was easily tricked by that old beggar.

Inside a luxurious private room, dishes were placed on the table and the elder was devouring his food. He raised his head to drink a small bowl of wine and carried a roasted chicken drumstick in his hand and said inarticulately, “With my previous cultivation, I don’t need to eat food. But now that my cultivation was crippled, I must have three meals a day. Yet, it is undeniable that this food is delicious. You guys should eat to. If you just watch me eat, I will feel embarrassed.”

Seeing the mess of the table, Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose but she didn’t move her chopsticks. She raised her head to look at the elder and smiled faintly as she enticed, “Do you want to recover your cultivation?”


The elder swallowed the meat in his mouth and nodded violently, “Of course I want to. I even dream about it. Having cultivation really was awesome. I at least won’t be looked at in disdain and even tossed away.”

“In that case, I can help you recover your strength.”


The drumstick in the elder’s hand fell to the ground. He raised his head stiffly and blinked his eyes before he queried, “Can you repeat what you just say? I don’t think I heard it properly.”

“I said that I can help you recover your strength.”

The elder indeed heard it clearly this time.


The elder climbed onto the table and stared at Mu Ru Yue and asked, “You can help me recover my strength?”

“That’s right.” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly and continued, “I still haven’t reached that capability, but once my alchemy breaks through once more, I am 70% sure I will be able to treat you. However, the prerequisite is that you are to vow loyalty and devotion to me for your entire life and all eternity in helping me accomplish tasks.”

Don’t even mention vowing loyalty and devotion to her, he wouldn’t decline the offer even if she wanted him as her servant or slave.

The elder nodded with all his might and replied, “If you can help me recover my strength, I will do anything for you! But can… can you really do that?”

The elder obviously didn’t trust her from his speech.

There were indeed alchemists in this continent that can help recover his strength, but it was a pity that all of the alchemist he had connections with abandoned him after knowing that he had offended an expert.

‘Those cold and ruthless bastards! I had helped them so much before I fell. Now that I meet with trouble, they ran away faster than a rabbit.

‘But this little girl is too young.

‘Can such a young girl really help me recover my strength? I just can’t believe it. But isn’t she my final hope?’

Seeing the doubtful gaze of the elder, Mu Ru Yue smiled and said, “It is up to you to believe me or not.”

“I believe in you as I can’t do anything else than trust you.” The elder took in a deep breath and continued, “Also, my name is Gu Lei. I don’t know if you heard of me before. Haha! If it were in the Central East, there should be several people that knows about me.”

“Central East? Where is that place?
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