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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 428 – Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 1

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Note: Chapter 427 was a redundant note chapter by the author so Miki made it non-existent.

Chapter 428 -Breakthrough To The Xiantian High Rank Part 1

An astonishing power suddenly rushed over, making everyone stand up in shock as they looked astonishingly outside the room…

Lan Yue’s expression changed drastically and darkened. A cold ray of light flashed in her blue eyes.

‘Why have those old fellows come out of closed door training now? Didn’t Master say that everything was going well? This is bad…’


Luo Yin raised his head and laughed. He then glanced complacently at Qi Rong who was at a loss before walking briskly to greet them.

The others looked at each other before following him out of the secret chamber.

Two transparent figures stood in midair. One of them was in a red robe with a smile on his face. The other, on the other hand, had falcon-like eyes. He looked more strict compared to the former. It was undeniable that the two people’s auras were tyrannical. It was so powerful that nobody could remain unstirred.

“Luo Yin, why didn’t you come quickly to greet us?!”

The ash-gray robed man looked sharply at the tightly shut door and yelled coldly.

After a while, the door opened. Luo Yin, who was in a snow-white dean’s uniform, came out and greeted respectfully, “My greetings to ancestor master Hong Yun and ancestor master Hui Ying.”

“Mhm!” Hui Ying nodded emotionlessly. “Luo Yin, where is the person I want to meet?”

“Er…” Luo Yin raised his head and looked at Hui Ying before saying carefully, “Ancestor, there is a little matter that happened recently.”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Hui Ying frowned and said strictly, “We don’t have time to dally here for a long time. Quickly introduce the girl to us.”

Just as Luo Yin wanted to speak, Qi Rong pulled Lan Yue along as she walked briskly over. With excitement in her eyes, she greeted, “This junior greets the two ancestor masters.”

Only the dean was able to meet with the ancestors in the entire academy. Even as the senior of the dean, she didn’t qualify to meet them.

Hui Ying’s brows knitted increasingly as impatience was clearly seen in his eyes.

Hong Yun coughed dryly after he glanced at Hui Ying who was about to erupt in fury. “You are Qi Rong? Hehe! We don’t have time to chat with you now. That’s right, Luo Yin, where is Senior Yue? I wonder who is Senior Yue?”

He surveyed the crowd as he talked. When he saw Mu Ru Yue that came out last, he was startled.

The girl’s white robe was like snow, unblemished by dirt. Her fair skin emitted a faint glow under the sunlight. Her face was as though it was crafted.

Her hair was let loose and fluttered behind her back. Her body was slender and perfect. Her hands by the side of her pair of legs were like jade.

What was more shocking was the girl’s grandeur.

A faint coldness enclosed her surrounding. Her ink-black eyes was like deep water that captivates people’s soul. But it was calm without a ripple.

She was obviously just a Xiantian Mid Rank expert, but her gaze was domineering as though she looked at the world with disdain. She was just like a aloof and remote monarch. Her grandeur was matchless.


‘They are too similar!’

Hong Yun took in a cold breath.

No matter if it were her appearance or grandeur, she was identical to the girl from a thousand years ago standing at the peak of the word. It was as though with just a glance, he could recognise the soul within her…

“To the two ancestors, I know who is Senior Yue.” Fu Li was elated as this was a rare chance to meet with the ancestors. How could he give such a chance up? Moreover…

Fu Li shot an icy gaze at Mu Ru Yue before he laughed.

With the backings of the ancestors, Luo Yin wouldn’t be able to protect her…
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