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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 413 – Shameless and Despicable Lan Yue Part 5

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Chapter 413 – Shameless and Despicable Lan Yue Part 5

“Wu Chen, the eldest young mistress of the City Lord’s manor just sent an invitation for you to attend her birthday celebration tonight. What do you think?” Mu Ru Yue giggled faintly as she she extended the invitation toward Ye Wu Chen. With the slight raise of her brows, she continued, “But she wrote only your surname and name on the invite…”

Ye Wu Chen didn’t even look at the invitation and simply tossed it to the side. He then embraced Mu Ru Yue as a trace of annoyance appeared on his handsome and charming face.

“There isn’t a need to care about a puny city manor.”

“I disagree with that.” Mu Ru Yue shook her head and continued with a sly smile, “Wu Chen, I suggest you attend that birthday celebration instead. Since Lan Yue is behind this, she will definitely appear there.”

Lan Yue was currently in the academy, but she didn’t show herself at all. It would be really difficult to find her if they were to just blindly search for her in this enormous academy.

That event would give them a chance…

“Alright.” Ye Wu Chen smiled as he continued, “But my wife, you will be the in-charge of this matter. Your husband will accompany you in doing whatever you want.”

“What method of transportation should we use to head to the event tonight?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose and, with a fake smile, she continued, “How about making a commotion to lure Lan Yue in appearing? I will have Yan Jin capture some mounts for us in a bit. Nevertheless, you will be in for a surprise tonight…”

The birthday celebration of the eldest young mistress of the City Lord’s manor? All in all, Ye Wu Chen was just their target so they most likely wouldn’t be at peace tonight…

“Mu Er, I have you. How can those people with make-up caked faces enter my eyes?” Ye Wu Chen smiled charmingly. His purple eyes seemed reluctant to shift away from the girl in his embrace ever since they laid eyes on her.

He just kept looking at her and it didn’t seem he wanted to stop. He really wanted to just look at her from dawn to night. He would look at her in such a fashion for all his life and eternity…

It was night. The moonlight was calm like water without ripples.

Luxurious horse carriages appeared outside the clamorous City Lord’s Manor. The City Lord of Day Moon City, Dong Fei Ran, smilingly stood by the entrance, high spiritedly inviting his guests in.

Suddenly, a silver ray of light soared through the sky.

Everyone tossed their gaze toward it. When they looked at the horse carriage that was charging over, astonishment filled their eyes…

Two Cloud Horses soared through the sky, rapidly dashed over to the City Lord Manor. There seemed to be clouds under the feet of the horse’s, making it impossible for people to shift their gaze away from the beautiful sight.

“Cloud Horse. It’s a rare Cloud Horse!”

“It is really a pretty horse. I don’t know who is so capable to sit on such a horse carriage. It really makes people envious of the owner of such horses.”

“Cloud Horses aren’t powerful, but they are very difficult to catch. Moreover, one needs extremely good luck to meet them. How great would it be if I had two such horses…”

Everyone stared at the horse carriage. They anticipated the sight of when the owner of such an honorable horse carriage walked down from it.

The carriage curtain was lifted and a pair of legs stepped out from it. Following that, a prestigious purple robe entered the crowd’s gaze.

The purple robe fluttered in the night’s breeze. It was indescribably noble and charming. It was as though the man were a genuine royal, making everyone present lose their luster.

Furthermore, when their gazes landed on the man’s face, they knew what it meant to have an appearance astonishing to the point that it swept people off their feet…

The man was peerlessly handsome. His face was sufficient to make people forget to breathe. The Devil’s Snare pattern that covered half of his face enhanced his appearance. He looked divine.
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