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Chapter 40- Separation Part 2

Hearing those questions, Mu Ru Yue felt that it was really laughable. Naturally, she did laugh. With a mockery-filled, ice-cold gaze, she looked at Mu Qing and said, “About that, why don’t you ask your adopted girl?”

When she said ‘adopted girl,’ Mu Ru Yue purposely placed emphasis on those words.

“Mu Ru Yue, you really don’t have any respect for your elders.” Mu Qing’s gaze turned so sinister that he really wanted to strangle this daughter to death. “If I knew you were a root of disaster, I would really have killed you when you were born.”

‘From how I see it, this girl of mine really doesn’t seem to be my daughter. I really regret raising her for so many years.’

Mu Ru Yue sniggered. Her teasing gaze made Mu Qing’s heart shudder. When he snapped awake from his shock, fury was expressed on his face. His gaze towards Mu Ru Yue became increasingly sinister.

Just as he wanted to punish that delinquent, a voice like heavenly music sounded. “My wife, I’ve come to find you.”

A white figure flashed past; Ye Wu Chen had already appeared beside Mu Ru Yue.

When Mu Yi Xue first looked at Ye Wu Chen, she couldn’t shift her gaze away.

As the daughter of the Mu family, she had seen a lot of men, but there wasn’t one as handsome as this young man before her. The Crown Prince’s appearance, the one whom elder sister Ting Er loved, couldn’t reach even a single percent of that young man’s looks.

The young man looked like the wheel of the bright moon as his entire body emitted dazzling bright rays of light. Even if he were compared with a woman, they wouldn’t have looks as stunning as his. At that moment, Mu Yi Xue stared at the white clothed young man who seemed to have literally came out of a painting.

‘How can there be such a handsome person in this world?’

Mu Yi Xue’s heart thumped rapidly. It was as though her heart would leap out. Both of her eyes were filled with infatuation as though there was only him in her world….

A countless number of youths had surrounded her throughout all these years, but Mu Yi Xue’s sight was always so high that nobody entered her gaze.

‘At this moment, however, I understand why the heavens hadn’t allowed me to fall in love with anyone else. It was to wait for his arrival. Who will this handsome young man be compatible with, excluding myself?’

‘It has to be predestined that we are a perfect match.’

“Why did you come?” Mu Ru Yue expressed doubtfulness. Wasn’t Ye Wu Chen mentally impaired? How had he found the Mu family?

Ye Wu Chen bashfully lowered his head as he whispered, “I wanted to see you so I’ve come.”

He definitely wouldn’t say it was due to him being unable to stop worrying about her. But those words made Mu Ru Yue suspicious. Didn’t they just meet?

“Mu Ru Yue, who is he to you?” Mu Yi Xue angrily glared at Mu Ru Yue, her gaze as though she wanted to tear her up into countless pieces.

Mu Yi Xue didn’t know why, but when they intimately chatted to each other, she felt as though her belonging had been snatched away. It intensified the animosity she held towards Mu Ru Yue in her heart.

‘He is mine and can only be mine! What could the worth of this slut Mu Ru Yue be when she doesn’t even have a father’s love? With a sentence, father will definitely get me that young man.’

“Who do you think he is to me?” Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders as she kicked that question back to Mu Yi Xue.

Mu Yi Xue’s face turned completely red from anger. With a gaze like blades headed towards Mu Ru Yue, she intended to make her move, but she was stopped by Mu Qing instantly.

With his sword-like brows raised, Mu Qing coldly gazed towards Ye Wu Chen. “Mister, I don’t know your identity. Why have you barged into my Mu family?”
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