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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 378 – Who Dares To Steal My Man Part 2

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Chapter 378- Who Dares To Steal My Man Part 2

Although she could have settled it herself, she was still extremely excited when she saw his return.

After all, she acknowledged him as her husband.

Ye Wu Chen smiled and said, “Mu Er, can I help you with your clothes?”

“Don’t need. I can do it.”

“Mu Er, you are my wife. I married you just to serve you.”

‘ I married you just to serve you.’

No matter how strong Mu Ru Yue’s heart was, she was still a girl. She couldn’t stay unmoved from the man’s sweet talk…

A youth stood in the courtyard. His slender back formed a long shadow as it confronted the sun. He stood with his back facing a door. The wind blew and his hair fluttered with it, giving him a languish yet noble atmosphere.


When the youth heard the door opened, he turned his head and smiled as he looked unblinkingly at the girl that was coming toward him. “You are out? I’ve been waiting for you guys for a long time already.”

When Mu Ru Yue looked at this youth under the sun, a peculiar feeling surged from her heart. It felt as though they should have known each other since ages ago…

“Don’t look at him!”

Her waist was lightly embraced, and a man’s domineering tone was heard.

Ye Wu Chen was really jealous. He felt as though he had been soaked into a jar of vinegar when he saw Mu Er looking at that youth with such deep emotion. His entire body reeked with vinegar.

However, all of that was due to him mistaking Mu Ru Yue’s complicated feelings as deeper feelings…

“Wu Chen, what is up with you again?” Mu Ru Yue looked curiously at Ye Wu Chen. She frowned slightly. ‘This fellow ate the wrong medicine again today.’

“If you want to look, you can only look at me. Anyways, don’t look at him.”

Ye Wu Chen tightly embraced Mu Ru Yue’s waist as he spoke strongly and possessively.

Zi Qian Jing seemed to not see Ye Wu Chen’s warning as he walked casually toward Mu Ru Yue. “You should be hungry? How about we eat together today?”

With their current cultivations, there wasn’t a need to eat. But eating was an enjoyment in-and-of-itself so even if it were cultivators with realms above Xiantian, they would still eat when they were free.

“I’ve already prepared breakfast in your room. Let’s head there now.”

‘Mu Er’s room?’

The alarms in Ye Wu Chen’s heart rang. He shot a sinister gaze toward Zi Qian Jing with wariness in his eyes.

‘He can freely enter Mu Er’s room?’

This was a dangerous sign.

Even though he trusted Mu Er, would this brat not peek when Mu Er showers and changes clothes? He probably didn’t fear anything…

“Wu Chen, let’s head there together.” Mu Ru Yue held Ye Wu Chen’s hand and said smiling.

Ye Wu Chen’s handsome face softened after hearing what she said. With a gentle smile, he replied, “Alright, anything you say.”

Zi Qian Jing smiled languishly. He had already longed for such a harmonious sight for too many years…

But there was still something that was out of Zi Qian Jing’s prediction…

“What do you mean by doing this?!” Seeing that he was placed at a separate table by Ye Wu Chen, Zi Qian Jing gritted his teeth and yelled out in fury.

“The reason is really simple.” With happiness expressed in his eyes, he explained neither slow nor fast, “We don’t need you to disturb our couple’s meal.”

Fury blazed in Zi Qian Jing’s heart as he glared at the man’s charming face. “She is your wife, but she is also my mother! What’s wrong with sitting with my mother?”
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