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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 371 – Let’s Give Birth To a Son Part 4

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Chapter 371 -Let’s Give Birth To a Son Part 4

“Alright.” Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly as she continued, “I will leave Yan Jin here to help you. Wu Chen, let’s go. These matters can be done by Jing Er and Yan Jin.

‘Jing Er?’

Jealousy bubbled in Ye Wu Chen’s heart once again. ‘Mu Er calls this man so intimately…’


A couple walked side by side along a small trail in a forest, attracting countless gazes. Yet, neither seemed to feel those gazes as they strolled the trail with their hands intertwined under the sunset.

“Mu Er.” Ye Wu Chen gradually stopped his steps before turning his head to Mu Ru Yue who was by his side. He initially wanted to ask her who Zi Qian Jing was, but he swallowed those words in the end.

He trusted her so he was willing to give her some personal space.

“What is it?” Mu Ru Yue’s brows rose as she looked curiously at the man’s charming appearance.

Ye Wu Chen smirked sinisterly and said in an ambiguous tone, “Mu Er, let’s give birth to a son. I think my mother and father-in-laws will wish to see a beautiful jade-like child with us when we head back.”

Mu Ru Yue’s face flushed as she focused on the nearing handsome face. Her heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“Wu Chen, that isn’t something that will happen just because we desire it.”

“My wife, you don’t have to worry about that.” Ye Wu Chen smiled lightly. With an ambiguous tone, he said, “Your husband will do his best to obtain a son from you and as soon as possible accomplish mother and father-in-laws’ heartfelt wish.”

“Wu Chen…”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t finish her statement before she was princess-carried by Ye Wu Chen. She was stunned as she looked at him. Following that, Ye Wu Chen soared into the sky while carrying her. They soon reached an incredibly lavish training room in the blink of an eye.

Mu Ru Yue returned to her senses after she was placed gently on the bed. She was about to say something but in the next moment, her lips were sealed by the man’s warm lips. She slowly closed her eyes to enjoy the warm sensation she felt from her lips…

“My wife, you have restrained your husband for such a long time. You should compensate your husband well tonight.” Ye Wu Chen chuckled charmingly. Mu Ru Yue’s body shuddered as his warm breath landed on her ears. A blush rose on her face.

“Actually, it wasn’t that long. It hasn’t even been a year,” Mu Ru Yue rebuked weakly.

Ye Wu Chen narrowed his eyes dangerously as he charmingly sniggered and replied, “My wife, don’t you know the phrase ‘A day of not seeing you is like three seasons’? Moreover, your husband didn’t appear by your side for a period of time. Yet, you managed to provoke flowers in my absence. There was Feng Jing Tian and now Zi Qian Jing. Will there be another one in a short period of time?”

Ye Wu Chen felt as though he had eaten a jar of vinegar after thinking about the sight he saw today. ‘I must punish her in bed later. It will be best if she can’t get out of bed for three days. I will see how she will go looking for Zi Qian Jing then.’

Ye Wu Chen kissed Mu Ru Yue’s soft lips, not allowing her to speak. The bed then started to move, the curtains obscuring the lavish display of affections.

Yan Jin narrowed his cold eyes slightly. He cast a frosty gaze at all these girls that had previously humiliated Mu Ru Yue. A trace of fury surged in his heart.

“How do you think this senior should punish you for bulling this senior’s master?”

His gaze shot toward Lin Ruo Ying when he said that.

He had long wanted to teach this woman a lesson. Now that he got such a chance with great difficulty, he must think carefully about how he wanted to deal with her…
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