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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 361 – Ye Wu Chen’s Return Part 4

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Chapter 361 -Ye Wu Chen’s Return Part 4

Catching someone red-handed in bed usually referred to the main wife that caught her husband having an affair with his mistress. But it didn’t seem wrong to Lin Ruo Ying as she thought of herself as his main wife.

Thinking about that scene that might appear in the future, her heart ached slightly. Such a perfect man should only have one woman in his life. It would be an insult for him to have other woman.

His body was that clean. How could other woman stain him?

“Zang Qing Xue, thank you for telling me all this. I, Lin Ruo Ying, will remember your grace and kindness.”

Zang Qing Xue became elated. She just wanted to use Lin Ruo Ying to deal with that woman. Who knew that Lin Ruo Ying would be this gratified…

“It will suffice if Elder Apprentice Sister Lin Ruo Ying understands. I will bid my farewell.”

Zang Qing Xue turned to leave after bowing slightly as she quickly faded into the darkness…

Lin Ruo Ying narrowed her gaze as she looked at Zang Qing Xue’s departing figure. With a snigger, she commented, “Xiao Ru Yue, you dared to lie to me! If it wasn’t for you being Wu Chen’s friend, how could I have asked for master’s forgiveness for you? I didn’t expect it was just a joke. When you returned home that day, you must have mocked my stupidity! Furthermore, you are too gutsy for trying to seduce Wu Chen. It is a pity that Wu Chen doesn’t judge a person by their appearance. Your love-struck foolish appearance would definitely not enter his eyes.”

Thinking about the man’s charming appearance, Lin Ruo Ying’s expression softened as she muttered, “Wu Chen, I don’t mind doing anything for you. Since you disdain her, then I… I will make her vanish from your sight forever. She won’t continue to pester and annoy you. You can’t deal with her due to your considerations. Let me be your sword and kill the woman you want to eliminate.”

But some matters didn’t need her to personally make her move as there would be people that would be willing to kill for her…

‘I wonder how touched Wu Chen will be once he knows of the things I’ve done for him.’

Lin Ruo Ying smiled gently. She didn’t mind doing anything for him. She would not feel remorse nor regret.

It was sunrise the next day.

People had already been packed like sardines outside the Alchemy Hall.

All of the disciples of the Martial Hall didn’t need to study today so they came here to watch the show. Lin Ruo Ying stood behind the crowd as she looked coldly at the people making a ruckus before her.

Suddenly, the astonishing figures of two people at the forefront entered the crowd’s eyes…

The girl was wearing a white robe that was more eye-catching than blood. Her hair fluttered in the wind as she talked with the youth next to her with a slight smile. She didn’t appear as cold as usual.

Some people that hadn’t seen Mu Ru Yue before couldn’t help, but be amazed by her appearance.

The smile she wore made her long-shapely eyebrows curve, causing her appearance to seem all the more charming. Faint glimmers of light danced in her eyes. With a tall nose and faint smile, her radiant appearance seemed to glow from her pearl-white jade-like skin.

She walked slowly over. The morning light seemed to envelop her body, dazzling others. It was as though they were looking at an immortal being coming over, stepping on clouds.

The peerlessness of the girl didn’t suppress the beauty of the youth beside them. Their appearance was equally magnificent.

When the youth’s silver robe fluttered, it gave off a sliver ray of light under the sunlight. The youth’s face looked slightly childish, but even so he was already divinely handsome as he was.

A languish smile was on his face and both of his hands were folded against the back of his head. His black eyes frequently glanced at the young girl beside him, expressing undisguised affection in his eyes.
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