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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 322 – Mother! Mother? Part 3

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Chapter 322 – Mother! Mother? Part 3

Perhaps it was due to her agreement that the youth smiled brightly and threw away the strand of grass he held. His beautiful eyes stayed dazedly on the young girl’s impeccable face.

‘What aunt said was right. Mother really did come here. Since I found her, I don’t want to ever leave her side again…’

‘While I don’t know who aunt possessed when she was reborn, she will definitely be happy to reunite with mother. Mother and and aunt had such a great relationship back then and she loved to stick to mother day and night. Even father grew jealous and made people send aunt away a few times…’

The youth smiled lightly, happiness filling his eyes.

“That’s right, I haven’t introduce myself. My name is Qian Jing. Zi Qian Jing.”

“Zi? Your surname is Zi?” Mu Ru Yue’s steps halted as she turned her head toward the youth’s handsome face, flabbergasted. “How can that be? It’s impossible…”

She didn’t have her memories of her previous life, but knew some of them through Nangong Zi Feng.

The Central Region’s Zi family should have already been annihilated thousands of year ago, the sole survivor being the son of Zi Huang and Senior Yue. But their son’s limbs had been amputated by Nangong Zi Feng and were now being held at a place. One of Mu Ru Yue’s goals for coming to the Central Region was to search for the location of that little fellow.

People age after thousands of years, but the place Nangong Zi Feng restrained him had its time frozen. That little fellow must still be about five years old now…

Glimmers danced in the young youth’s eyes as he smiled faintly. “You know of people that have the surname of Zi?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled helplessly. How could this youth know of the people of the Zi family?

“I don’t.”

No matter if it were Zi Huang or Senior Yue, they had just been a part of her past. She was now Mu Ru Yue and shouldered her own heavy responsibilities…

“Is that so?” Zi Qian Jing was downcast. She really didn’t know anything and he couldn’t just say that he was her son.

It wouldn’t matter if she didn’t believe him, but if he scared her or she was unwilling to accept him, then he would lose the chance of staying near her…

Yao Yun Qing saw the expression in the youth’s gaze. She quickly changed her sight and glanced at Zang Qing Xue’s dazed gaze. This girl was still looking at Zi Qian Jing. Yao Yun Qing then smiled sinisterly.

“Mister Zi, you are just a stranger. Why are you sticking close to my Yue Er? Do you fancy her?”

“Fancy?” Zi Qian Jing was stunned as a dubious expression appeared in his beautiful eyes.

“I’m asking why you are trying to get close to my Yue Er?”

“I’m not trying to get close to her. I just… I just love her.” Zi Qian Jing stared dazedly at the face he had longed to see for so many years, unable to shift his eyes away.

It seemed as though the youth could only see Mu Ru Yue.

He loved her the most, no matter if it were thousands of years ago and thousands of years later…

Yao Yun Qing obviously saw the sudden change in Zang Qing Xue’s expression and she smilingly asked, “Mister Zi, you have just met Yue Er but I wonder to what extent you love her?”

‘To what extent?’

Zi Qian Jing was at a loss as even he wasn’t clear on how to answer the question.

She was his mother so he naturally loved her…

“She is the most important person in my life. She is more important than anything! If someone dares to hurt her, I will annihilate their family clan. If someone makes her tear, I will crush that person into countless pieces!”

Yao Yun Qing blinked her eyes and whispered into Mu Ru Yue’s ear, “He made such a solemn vow during the first meeting. This kind of man can’t be relied upon. I’ve seen many of his type in Hua Xia…”
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