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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 319 – Academy’s Exam Part 9

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Chapter 319 – Academy’s Exam Part 9

Zang Qing Xue felt a little pity as she couldn’t deal with her in the academy, but it was within expectation. The Central Region Academy’s exam shouldn’t be able to let her pass so easily.

Yet, if Zang Qing Xue was to head to the Medicine Sect and know that Mu Ru Yue was an Earth Stage Peak Rank alchemist, she probably wouldn’t think this way. It was a pity she didn’t know of that…

“You failed?” Zang Qing Xue sniggered inwardly, but didn’t express it on her face. She instead looked with sympathy at her. “Even though I dislike you, you are at least the younger sister of elder brother Xiao Feng. No matter how you try to break us apart, it won’t change the fact that I hoped you would pass. Nevertheless, with your ability, it seemed too difficult so this outcome was expected.”

“Young mistress Zang, you are too kind.”

The one that spoke on Zang Qing Xue’s behalf was the previous nobly dressed youth. He coldly glanced at the dazed Mu Ru Yue and continued with a sneer, “Why do you want to think for such a person like her? She won’t be gratified by your action nor would she accept you. You don’t need to lower your status for her and just follow what this mister does. You should just mock her now. A trash that dares come to participate in the academy’s exam and fail!”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t even gave them a glance at the start as she passed through the crowd melancholy.

Zang Qing Xue gritted her teeth as she focused her gaze at Mu Ru Yue. With a sinister ray of light that flashed in her eye, she said hastily, “Mu Ru Yue, if you want to study at the academy, I can beg my elder brother next year to give you a name slot.”

Mu Ru Yue didn’t seem to hear her as she continued walking forth…

“Young Mistress Zang, she didn’t even accept your feelings. You shouldn’t care about such a girl.” The noble dressed youth shook his head as he looked at Zang Qing Xue with a trace of admiration as he continued, “To be honest, people who repay good from bad like young mistress Zang are really too few in this world. I have to advise young mistress Zang that you cannot be kind in the Central Region. Kind people won’t be repaid for their deeds. Once we enter the academy, however, I will protect young mistress Zang. I also haven’t introduced myself. I am Hua Yan of the Hua family.”

The Hua family was the number one clan in Day Moon City. Their clan was much more stronger than the Zang family. If she could ally with this Mister Hua, she would have better protection in the Central Region Academy…

Light flicked in Zang Qing Xue’s eyes as she thanked him bashfully, “Thank you, Mister Hua.”

“This girl in the front, are you walking in the wrong direction?” Hua Yan turned around and saw Mu Ru Yue walking toward the academy. His sword brows creased slightly as he shouted, “That way is toward the academy. You should be walking out of the academy!”


Suddenly, an elderly voice was heard from the back.

Hua Yan turned his head toward the elder that came forth. “Elder Song?”

Song Ran shook his head as he glared slightly at Hua Yan. He spoke lukewarmly, “Who said she is going in the wrong direction? That little girl has already passed the exam and is now an official member of the alchemy hall.”


Those that came to watch the show were stunned.

Zang Qing Xue widened her eyes in shock. Her facial complexion turned from green to white, and then back from white to green, changing constantly. Her delicate body couldn’t help but shudder after she heard Song Ran’s words.

‘That girl passed the exam? The exam of the academy is really tough. How can she manage to pass it successfully?’

“Elder Song, if she had passed the exam, why did she have such an expression?” Hua Yan’s thoughts ran amok before he forced himself to calm down and asked with clenched teeth.

Song Ran replied calmly, “That little girl thinks the exam was too simple that it didn’t reach her expectation so she was upset. Why? Do you have complaints about that?”
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