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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 238 – I Can Treat His Illness Part 2

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Chapter 238 – I Can Treat His Illness Part 2

The crowd couldn’t understand what happened as they swept their gazes at Senior Dan and Mu Ru Yue. Could it be that the Xiao family had offended this Senior Dan, resulting in him treating this girl so badly?

Only Mu Rong Tian understood what Senior Dan meant…

It would have been a joke. Since Junior Apprentice Sister Yu Er was Senior Dan’s disciple, he was Mu Ru Yue’s senior by two generations; how could he take her in as his disciple? With this seniority, Mu Ru Yue was equivalent to his granddaughter.

How could a mother and daughter be under the same master?

Moreover, Mu Rong Tian knew how biased Senior Dan was to his Junior Apprentice Sister. If his Junior Apprentice Sister was willing, then she would have become the head of the Medicine Sect. How, then, would he have had a turn? Although Senior Dan had seemingly been angry at Junior Apprentice Sister for abandoning the Medicine Sect, these past few years, he had often caught the old man zoning out, looking at his Junior Apprentice Sister’s old room.

This little girl was Junior Apprentice Sister’s daughter and even had such talent. How could Senior Dan not look after her…

“That’s right, Rong Er, what happened here?” Senior Dan shifted his gaze to Mu Rong Tian.

Mu Rong Tian’s heart throbbed. He knew that what was going to come had come.

“Master, I’m actually not too sure. When I arrived, I saw Niece Yue Er’s person fighting with Ye Qiu. I will need them to tell me what happened.”

Since he was the Elder Apprentice Brother of Junior Apprentice Sister Yu Er, he should call her daughter, niece.

But it had still given him a shock that Junior Apprentice Sister would have such a talented daughter, because Xiao Tian Yu and Junior Apprentice Sister Yu Er didn’t have any talent in alchemy.

Yet, their daughter was so shocking with that monstrous talent.

Seeing Senior Dan shoot a gaze over, one of the Medicine Sect’s disciple didn’t try to continue hiding what happened and told him everything. “The matter started out like this. Grandmaster Ye Qiu and his disciple Fu Lin came here to look for Lady Ru Yue. He said that he came here on behalf of Grandmaster Wu Yu, to have Fu Lin teach her. This man didn’t allow Grandmaster Ye Qiu to enter the room. Grandmaster Ye Qiu proclaimed himself Lady Ru Yue’s elder and said she should come out to greet him; thus, they started to fight.”

He wanted Fu Lin to teach Mu Ru Yue?

Fu Lin was just an Earth Stage High Rank alchemist. How could he teach an Earth Stage Peak Rank? Had the world become a fantasy, or had someone started to go mad?

This was like an alchemist child saying, ‘Hey, let me teach you a lesson,’ to an alchemist master.

“Elder? How can that bastard be an elder?” Wu Yu was angry as he glared daggers at half dead Ye Qiu. “If I hadn’t guessed wrongly, my disciple was facing a breakthrough in alchemy. When an alchemist is refining regular pills, there isn’t usually a need to worry about people disturbing them. But if it is a breakthrough in rank, then they indeed mustn’t be disturbed in the slightest. Otherwise, their mental power wouldn’t be able to withstand the interruption. If it wasn’t for that brat Ye Wu Chen trying to block him, then my disciple would have become a cripple. What sort of motive did he have for trying to disturb my disciple? How can a puny Earth Stage High Rank have the ability to tutor my disciple?”

Ye Qiu was wearing gold plated soft armour which had blocked a portion of the power from the last attack. At the moment, even though he was only half alive, he hadn’t died yet and was already slowly regaining his consciousness.

When he heard the conversation around him, he really wanted to lose consciousness again.

‘That little girl was an Earth Stage Peak Rank? How was Wu Yu lucky enough to recruit such an outstanding disciple? It was such a joke that he’d actually treated her like a trash.’
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