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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 164 – Shameless Old Man Part 2

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Chapter 164 – Shameless Old Man Part 2

Mu Ru Yue lifted her head to look at the astonished Xiao Min. With a slight smirk, she spoke coldly, void of any feeling, “Is that the extent of your power?”

Xiao Min’s eyes slowly widened. When she saw the smirk on her opponent’s face, she became a little dazed.

“How could this happen?”

Those words appeared in her mind the moment she collapsed.

Why was that girl still able to live after receiving an attack she’d cast with all her strength after using the forbidden technique? Why had she even done that just now? Wouldn’t her soul now have to undergo torture for an entire month’s time?

She slowly lost consciousness. No matter how remorseful she was…

Everyone on the street looked at Mu Ru Yue. If Xiao Min had shown herself to be very powerful, then Mu Ru Yue, who had been able to withstand that tyrannical attack and remain alive, was simply abnormal.

They had always thought that the final victor would end up as Xiao Min. Who knew that this would be the outcome…

“Mu Er!”

An anxious call was suddenly heard.

Following that, a purple figure soared through the air to land before Mu Ru Yue. The man had an exceptional appearance and a strong aura that could be seen from his charming eyes. However, it that moment, those sinisterly cold eyes were only filled with anxiousness.

“Mu Er, why did you accept the Xiao family’s challenge?”

Mu Ru Yue glared at him. “Aren’t you the cause for this?”

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes dulled. His strong hands held her shoulders as he said with unprecedented seriousness, “Mu Er, you are not allowed to do such dangerous acts in the future. Perhaps she wasn’t your match, but these big powers may have some life protecting methods. If someone bullies you, then just leave it to your husband. No matter if they are flies harassing you or girls delusional enough to want to break our bond, your husband will deal with all of them.”

As he said that, guilt and self-blame filled his heart.

Perhaps he really shouldn’t have let this woman off yesterday…

The man raised his hand to dust his purple clothes before turning his gaze toward the girl lying on the floor. His eyes instantly hardened, became cold and sinister. Traces of a tyrannical aura filled his surrounding.


Ye Wu Chen’s power struck at the girl lying on the floor.

“You actually touched a strand of her hair. Ben Wang will make you regret that for your entire life!”

Death? That would be too easy for a girl like her. He wanted her to live a life worse than death! Even more than killing her, such a prideful girl would suffer more if she were to become trash.


An angry holler rang out. Ye Wu Chen, however, didn’t halt his actions. Strong energy invaded Xiao Min’s body, transforming into a hand that viciously crushed her dantian.


A distinctly crisp sound echoed on this quiet street…

“Stinky brat, didn’t this old man tell you to stop? Since you dared to hurt this old man’s granddaughter, this old man will definitely give you a terrible death!”

A grey-robed elder stood in front of Xiao Min as he shouted.

The grey-robed elder glared at Wu Chen, his eyes threatening to rip Wu Chen apart. Raging fury burned in his gaze and his boundless killing intent surged forth as he shouted, “Since you dared to hurt my granddaughter, you must pay with your life. Not only you, but your parents, your wife, your offsprings — they will also pay the price!”

At this moment, a wail could be heard from a side.

“Elder, the young mistress… the young mistress used the forbidden technique and her dantian seems to have broken.” Yin Huan looked at the grey-robed elder as she spoke, sobbing.
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