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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 163 – Shameless Old Man Part 1

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Chapter 163- Shameless Old Man Part 1

“Is that all you’ve got?”

A cold voice slowly escaped from the young girl’s lips.

Mu Ru Yue lifted her gaze and shot an icy glare towards the flabbergasted Xiao Min. She then immediately took out a pill and consumed it. The wounds on her body rapidly started to recover.

If it wasn’t for her torn clothes, nobody would have believed she’d undergone torturous whippings.

“Or should I thank you for giving me the chance to break through?”

The young girl’s lips curled up, but there was only coldness in her eyes.

Xiao Min shuddered violently as she stared in disbelief at Mu Ru Yue. This girl had used her attacks to make a breakthrough?

It was certain that if she hadn’t had Xiao Min’s help, Mu Ru Yue wouldn’t have been able to make a breakthrough within two month’s time, so she really needed to thank Xiao Min for this.

“You, you’re not human!”

Xiao Min retreated two steps back in fear. Her lips quivered slightly as she quickly swung her whip at Mu Ru Yue, a trace of viciousness in her eyes.

This girl should just die!

However, before her whip could reach Mu Ru Yue, Mu Ru Yue’s sword turned ablaze with flame.


The whip in Xiao Min’s hand was set on fire.

Xiao Min was indeed a talent to reach such a cultivation level at her tender age. But Mu Ru Yue could feel that her cultivation had been solely dependant upon pills. Her body’s foundation wasn’t so stable, and she didn’t have sufficient battle experience.

It wasn’t difficult to become a talent with the constant usage of pills and gentle nurturing from a young age. Pills could be consumed, but they shouldn’t be overused. Otherwise, it would result in such an outcome…

Everyone was stunned as they didn’t expect the sudden reversal. Mu Ru Yue, who they’d belittled, was now overwhelming the young mistress of the Xiao family, Xiao Min.

“Bitch, go and die!”

Xiao Min’s eyes reddened as flames of anger burned in her eyes. She didn’t care about anything else at this moment. She muttered indistinctly and the power within her body drastically increased.

Her unkempt hair flew in the wind as Xiao Min laughed. “So what if you broke through? You still won’t be my match!”

This time, Xiao Min really gave it her all.

It wouldn’t be easy to break apart the Xiao family’s forbidden technique. The price that she would pay was her soul undergoing torture of immeasurable pain for an entire month for forcefully increasing her power.

The current Xiao Min now possessed tyrannical power from using the forbidden technique. Even though she could only make a single attack after using this forbidden technique, this was already sufficient.

She would definitely kill her in one move!


A tyrannical power stirred as countless flames gathered towards her body, oppressing Mu Ru Yue. Everyone was shocked at this moment.

This was the power the young mistress of the Xiao family possessed?

She was too powerful…


That tyrannical flame struck mercilessly at Mu Ru Yue’s chest, who was instantly slammed back. Her entire body smashed into the ground and she spat out another mouthful of blood.

“Haha! Bitch, you won’t have a good outcome for fighting me.”

Xiao Min laughed madly, but after witnessing the next moment, her laughter abruptly stopped. She widened her beautiful eyes in astonishment.

The young girl stood up from the ground, a trail of blood flowing out from her mouth. Her feet staggered a couple of times, but she was still able to stand.
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