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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 157 – Earth Stage High Rank Pill Part 4

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Chapter 157 – Earth Stage High Rank Pill Part 4

These two could be considered outstanding talents of the Kingdom of Zi Yue. The age of the members of the Massacre The Heavens Sect wasn’t high. Although there were a few that came for the Essence Purification Pill, several others had rather tough histories. They coincidentally met with Li Lu and joined the Massacre The Heavens Sect with his persuasion.

More importantly, Li Lu promised them that even though Mu Ru Yue wasn’t strong now, she had an outstanding talent and would definitely be able to reach the peak of the world someday, bringing this battle squad toward glory.

Although some were initially unsatisfied, after being baptised by Yan Jin, everyone became obedient. How could this young girl be ordinary when she was able to gain the protection of such a tyrannical small beast?

“Erm, mistress.“ Li Lu scratched the back of his head. He chuckled before continuing, “Can I ask you for a favour?”

Mu Ru Yue lifted her brow before shifting her gaze to Li Lu. “What’s the matter?”

“Er, mistress, you should know that my father is still angered about me using myself for the bet and losing, so can I ask for another Increase Origin Pill? It will cause my father to be unable to scold me further.”

Li Lu was a little embarrassed after saying this. Was he being too greedy? Mistress had already given him an Increase Origin Pill after all. It should be difficult for mistress to hand out all those precious pills.

Yet, what made Li Lu surprised was that Mu Ru Yue nodded and agreed. “Alright.”

“Mis, mistress? You agreed?” Li Lu was stunned for a moment before excitement rose from within his heart. He instantly wanted to pounce toward Mu Ru Yue. “Mistress, you really treat me too well.”

He was, however, kicked away before he could get near Mu Ru Yue.

Li Lu looked at the man that was embracing the young girl and blinked his eyes. How could he forget about the Ghost King’s presence?

If it were any other person who did such an action, then it wouldn’t be as simple as just a kick.

But Li Lu didn’t have the time to look at the darkened Ye Wu Chen’s face. After he took the pill from Mu Ru Yue, he dashed out. His speed looked as though he was rushing to be reincarnated…

Within the Kingdom Protector’s General’s manor.

When the general saw his son running toward him as though he was rushing to be reincarnated, he grabbed at his son’s collar. “Stinky brat, I’ll see how you escape now!”

“Hehe!” Li Lu chuckled drily. He scratched the back of his head. “Father, I don’t plan on running away from you. I have brought you something good this time.”

The general glared at him. “What thing?”

“Actually, it is nothing special. My mistress gave us all a pill and I got an extra one for father. That’s right, the effect of this pill is that it can make every martial practitioner below the Xiantian realm break through a stage. Father, since you are currently an Eighth Stage Martial practitioner, you will be able to become a Ninth Stage Martial practitioner after consuming the pill.”

“What did you say?” The general was stunned. He couldn’t help but loosen his grip on Li Lu’s collar as he stared dazedly at his son.

Li Lu straightened his collar before looking at the general, aggrieved.

“This is the pill.” Li Lu tossed the pill to the general before directly exiting the area. The general hadn’t yet sobered as he watched the departing figure of his son…
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