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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 134 – Ye Wu Chen’s Rage Part 1

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Chapter 134 -Ye Wu Chen’s Rage Part 1

Yan Jin sighed slightly. Just when he wanted to leave the room, he suddenly saw Mu Ru Yue take a pair of scissors and mercilessly stab it in her thigh.

Blood gushed from her thigh, staining her clothes red.

“Little girl, are you insane?!” Yan Jin’s handsome face changed drastically, and the hatred he felt toward Die Yi reached its limit. If it wasn’t for him worrying about Mu Ru Yue, he would have already left to chop that damnable girl into countless pieces!

Mu Ru Yue closed her eyes and didn’t speak any further. She could only keep her consciousness by feeling pain.

Yan Jin’s heart trembled slightly as he staggered toward the young girl lying on the bed. His heart ached when he looked at her blood stained thigh.

Even though he didn’t have romantic feelings toward Mu Ru Yue, after their interactions these past days, he already treated her as family. His only family member in this world….

“Little girl, I’m sorry.”

Yan Jin closed his eyes slightly. When he opened them, his eyes were filled with determination. His handsome and domineering appearance looked resolute. Helpless, he said, “Even if you hate me, I cannot watch you inflict pain on yourself in order to resist the Lust Arousing Grass. It is useless to do that.”

Seeing Yan Jin’s actions, Mu Ru Yue’s flushed face changed slightly. It was as though she had used up all her remaining strength to shout, “Yan Jin, get out!”

“Little girl, I am willing to let you do whatever punishment you want after you wake up.”

The light in Mu Ru Yue’s eyes slowly faded, but she held on tenaciously. Just when she reached her limit, a purple figure barged in from outside.

Peng! He had knocked Yan Jin out.

At this moment, Mu Ru Yue looked at those eyes that were filled with distress….

“Mu Er!” Ye Wu Chen moved in a flash to pull Mu Ru Yue into his embrace. When he saw the blood stains on her clothing, a trace of killing intent flashed past his eyes. “Mu Er, I’m sorry that I came late. Mu Er…”

“Wu Chen, I feel so hot…”

Mu Ru Yue hugged Ye Wu Chen’s body tightly. She couldn’t help but snuggle up to him after feeling the coolness of his body. With hazy eyes, she only registered that the heat from her body was making her extremely uncomfortable.

“I feel so uncomfortable….”

She frowned slightly and raised her hands to rip her clothing apart, revealing her chest and fair skin. Ye Wu Chen’s mouth and tongue dried up from seeing her body.

“Mu Er, you will regret it. I don’t want to have you while you are under this condition.”

“Wu Chen…”

Mu Ru Yue turned over her body to lay on top of Ye Wu Chen’s body, pushing him down directly onto the bed. With a trace of red on her face, she leaned forward to kiss Ye Wu Chen’s lips.

The man’s lips were icy and cold, giving her a feeling of unprecedented comfort. She wanted more…

“Mu Er!”

Ye Wu Chen tightly clenched his teeth as his woman moved all over his body, causing his body to tense up. Yet, he didn’t want to have his woman now, on impulse, when she wasn’t in a clear state of mind.

“Mu Er, listen to me.” Ye Wu Chen tightly held the young girl’s body. He got up from the bed and let her sit on his lap. The arousement he felt was being forcefully suppressed by his own will.

How could he be calm with his beloved woman in his embrace? Ye Wu Chen, however, clearly understood that Mu Ru Yue’s current mind wasn’t clear. If he really had her now, she would definitely regret it once she woke up.

He wasn’t willing to let her regret it.
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