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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 122 – As A Man, He Should Protect His Girl

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Chapter 122 – As A Man, He Should Protect His Girl

“How are you going to protect her as a fool?” The Emperor of Zi Yue coldly glanced at Ye Wu Chen. It was undeniable that he held jealousy toward Ye Wu Chen due to his perfect Royal father and mother.

He was jealous toward his Royal father as he’d also wanted to obtain his Royal mother, but their love for each other was too deep so he didn’t have any chance in that venture. If that wasn’t the case, then he wouldn’t have leaked the matter about King Nan An and his wife to those people which led to the calamity that fell upon their manor, thus leading to Ye Wu Chen becoming a fool.

“As a man, one should protect his girl, no matter if he does or doesn’t have the capability!”

The youth’s voice was clean and pure. It was actually purer than glass. A breeze blew past. His frail body unexpectedly looked so dependable.

“Someone kill the Ghost King and capture Mu Ru Yue!”

The ray of light in the Emperor of Zi Yue’s eyes darkened. His heart was already completely filled with killing intent, but he didn’t forget that person’s order to capture that girl for him.

Yet, the Emperor of Zi Yue didn’t know when it was that person had laid his eyes on that girl. He knew, however, that with that person’s tyrannical powers, even he, the Emperor of Zi Yue, couldn’t defy him. It would be extremely simple for that person to eliminate the Kingdom of Zi Yue whenever he wanted.


Suddenly, a lovable voice was heard from behind.

Ji Ru Ya, wearing the Imperial Consort dress, came over with the support of a palace maid. She looked elegant and charming, like a budding rose.

“Your Majesty, Your Servant really likes this Lady Mu. Could Your Majesty….”

“My beloved concubine, you should not get involved in this matter. Step down.” The Emperor of Zi Yue’s expression softened when he saw Ji Ru Ya, but he couldn’t help but frown after hearing what she said.

He really cherished Imperial Consort Ji Ru Ya, but he loved his life even more.

It was simply impossible to defy that person’s order.

“Your Majesty.”

Ji Ru Ya bit her lips as she walked before the Emperor of Zi Yue, then gradually knelt before him. “Your Majesty, Your Servant had been rather bored lately so Your Servant wants Lady Mu to accompany her. Is it possible for Your Majesty to grant Your Servant’s tiny wish?”

Upon saying that, she lifted her beautiful eyes to look at the Emperor of Zi Yue. She looked coquettish and charming with that amorous glance. If it was the usual Emperor of Zi Yue, then he would have already fallen under her.

But this time, the Emperor of Zi Yue didn’t make any such move.

“Someone, escort Imperial Consort Ya back!”

Ji Ru Ya’s heart trembled slightly when she heard his cold voice, void of any feeling. She slowly shut her eyes. When she opened those beautiful eyes, she abruptly pushed away the person that was trying to pull her back.

“Lady Mu, Ghost King, quickly leave!”

Nobody expected that Ji Ru Ya would make such a move so they froze after being stunned.

The Emperor of Zi Yue’s complexion slowly darkened. He bitterly asked with hatred, “My beloved concubine, are you betraying Us?”

“Betray?” Ji Ru Ya chuckled. With a smile that made her look crazed, she continued in a bitter tone, “I had never loved you so how can I betray you? Your Majesty, as the Emperor, let us not talk about your usual uselessness, but you actually wanted to give Lady Mu away?! That power had caught his eye on Lady Mu’s talent, bringing her to this current state. Once she enters that power, Lady Mu would be controlled and have to serve that power her entire life. Initially, wasn’t it due to the Ghost King’s mother betraying that power which led to the demise of the family? No matter how Lady Mu is, she is still one of Your Majesty’s people. Are you really going to treat her in such a manner?”
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