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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1202 – Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s Invitation Part 7

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“Be careful.”

Ye Wu Chen moved his head near to Mu Ru Yue’s ear and whispered, “Don’t forget I am always by your side. If you are in any danger, I can instantly rush to your side.”

“Wu Chen, I will be fine. You just need to wait here for me. I will be back soon.”

Mu Ru Yue had great confidence regarding this.

With Honored Sir Hui Yi’s might, if he wanted to make a move on her, he didn’t need to meet her personally. It was precisely due to this Ye Wu Chen felt safe with her following after Honoured Sir Hui Yi…

Most importantly, she had a trump card against him in her hands.

“Come back?”

Chen Yi chuckled complacently as he commented, “There won’t be any return for her this time. Haha!”

In Chen Yi’s point of view, Honored Sir Hui Yi had believed his words and wanted to deal with Mu Ru Yue. How could she have a chance to return then?

“Have a seat.”

Honoured Sir Hui Yi pointed to a spot in front of him within the room. There was a light smile on his gravely-white face.

“You have something to tell me, right?”

Mu Ru Yue rose her brow and asked, “How did you know?”

“Your eyes had betrayed you!” Honored Sir Hui Yi chuckled lightly.

He had lived for so many years and had abundant experience in understanding people. He knew Mu Ru Yue had sought for him for something at first glance.

Therefore, he was giving her a chance…

“That’s right, I indeed have sought for you.” Mu Ru Yue raised her hand. A book with yellowed-pages appeared on her palm at that instant. “I want to pass you this on behalf of someone.”


Honoured Sir Hui Yi was stunned for a moment. He carefully took the diary. He became stirred up once he glanced at the content of the diary.

“Where have you obtained this diary?”

“Someone had passed it to me and told me to seek for Honoured Sir Hui Yi. Moreover, that person wanted me to apologize to you for her…”

Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s body shuddered. He gradually shut his eyes. A sliver of pain was expressed in his eyes. He replied with a bitter smile, “The one that ought to say sorry should be me. If it wasn’t for me to make her misunderstand that year, she wouldn’t have abandoned me. It has already been a thousand years from that separation. I’ve been looking everywhere for her, but it was a fruitless attempt. I didn’t expect for her diary to appear before me now. Little girl, can you tell me where she is now?”

When Mu Ru Yue saw Honoured Sir Hui Yu’s sorrowful expression, she felt slightly reluctant to say the truth. She remained quiet for a moment before she said gradually, “S-she had gone to a faraway place. If it is fated, you will surely reunite.”

‘It was the final sentence Madam Hua told her.

‘If it is fated, there will be a day where they reunite. In this world filled with miracles, nothing is impossible as long as their soul hasn’t been dissipated…’

“It is great. It is great then.”

Honoured Sir Hui Yi wiped away his tears, gripping tightly on the diary in his hand. It was like a treasure to him and feared someone would snatch it away from him.

“That’s right, little girl, what is your relationship with her?”

Mu Ru Yue pursed her lips slightly and with a complex gaze, she replied, “She is my Master.”

“Hehe!” Honoured Sir Hui Yi laughed. His eyes and eyebrows brimmed with a smile. It was completely different from his usual cold and stern appearance. “I didn’t expect her to recruit a disciple at the end. Moreover, it is also an outstanding disciple… Little girl, she and I are a couple so I am your grandmaster. How about letting me hear you call me grandmaster now?”
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