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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 121 – Returning Back To The Phoenix City and The Summons From The Emperor

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Chapter 121 – Returning Back To The Phoenix City and The Summons From The Emperor

The quiet Mu manor was obviously different from a few months ago.

Just when Mu Ru Yue entered, she almost crashed into Li Lu, who was rushing out of the manor. He lifted his head and saw the young girl standing before him. His eyes lit up. “Mistress, you’re back? The Emperor has just dispatched someone to send an order for you to enter the palace. He has already summoned the Ghost King as well.”

Enter the palace?

Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly before nodding. “Alright, I know.”

It was unknown why she felt some unease. Could it be that something will happen when she went to the palace?

“That’s right, Li Lu. If I am not back after a long time, go and pay a visit to the area where the Qing Yun Sect has set up and find an elder named Elder Zhao, then have him make a trip to the palace to look for me.”

Upon saying that, she no longer continued to stay as she turned around and left.

Li Lu was stunned for a while as he looked at Mu Ru Yue’s back with curiosity. Could it be that mistress has some relationship with Qing Yun Sect? It could be the reason why she had possessed that many Essence Purification Pills.


The palace looked so glamorous from its outer appearance and was extremely luxurious. How many people understood how much hidden bloodshed was occurring behind those small palace doors? It had robbed the youths of countless girls.

Behind the palace door was a hole as deep as the sea. Once you entered, you would be seized from all freedom.

Mu Ru Yue thought about the elegant and charming Imperial Consort Ya and sighed faintly. She was a pitiful girl that had been forced to halt her steps by this tiny palace door.

Why did she sigh?

The instant Mu Ru Yue stepped through the palace door, countless imperial guards wearing embroidered uniforms pointed their swords at her body. She was completely surrounded by them.

Seeing these people, Mu Ru Yue’s lips curled into a cold smile. She had initially predicted that this summon from the Emperor wouldn’t be any good.

If it wasn’t for Wu Chen being here, she wouldn’t have acted like a sheep entering a tiger’s mouth.

“Is this the way His Majesty treats his guest?”

Mu Ru Yue gradually lifted her head as she shot a cold gaze past the crowd of guards to a man wearing a gold yellow robe. The mockery on her lips intensified.

“We don’t have a choice as this is a superior’s order.” The Emperor of Zi Yue coldly chuckled. His old face was grim and stern as he coldly said, “Lady Mu, We hope you will listen to us. My superior knew that you wouldn’t casually accept my invitation so I could only use such a way to draw you here.”

His voice carried cold authority behind it, giving off the aura of an Emperor.

Suddenly, Mu Ru Yue smiled. Her smile was exceptionally beautiful, but her eyes remained icy cold. “Where is Wu Chen?!”

Once she asked, an elated voice appeared behind the back of the Emperor of Zi Yue. “My wife.”

Following that, purple clothing streaked across the space and rapidly appeared before Mu Ru Yue.

When she saw his handsome appearance after such a long time, her heart slightly shuddered. Heavens knew that during the past few months when she was away, she continued to think about this man. It had even become a habit for him to use that untarnished voice to wake her up daily.

Habit was truly scary at times. Once you got used to someone, it would be hard to lose them.

“You should not have come here.”

Suddenly, Mu Ru Yue seemed to hear a soft mutter. That voice was charming and carried a helplessness behind it. Once she tried to listen to it further, however, that voice had already disappeared.

It was as though it was just her imagination….

“My wife.” Ye Wu Chen tightly held her hand. With a flash of his body, he protected her body from the front. Her innocent eyes glared viciously at the people surrounding them. He threatened in a childish tone, “Nobody is allowed to bully my wife.”

His gaze was like a tiger’s and wolf’s, filled with wariness. It was as though he was afraid these people would hurt the young girl behind him.
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