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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 120 – Surprised Madam Sheng Yue Part 2

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Chapter 120 – Surprised Madam Sheng Yue Part 2

“Hubby.” Madam Sheng Yue tightly gripped Xiao Tian Yu’s sleeve. With glistening tears in her eyes, she queried, “Do you think our daughter will resent us? It’s been 15 years; we don’t know what kind of life she had been living for these years. Perhaps she had a hard life. Will she still acknowledge me after being away from our side for 15 years?Since if it wasn’t because of us, she wouldn’t have been taken away by the South Palace family…”

“No, she won’t.” Xiao Tian Yu gently patted her back as he gently consoled, “Our daughter won’t blame us. You’ve cried after her many times over these past years. She definitely can’t wait to reunite with you. Moreover, I had promised you when we wedded that you will be the only woman in my life, so even under the immense pressure from those obstinate old fellows of the family clan, I didn’t break my promise to you. Just let father deal with those old obstinate elders before we find our daughter. I don’t want our daughter to suffer any grievance after returning home.”

“Hubby….” Madam Sheng Yue’s heart was really moved. If her daughter was truly found, then she would no longer have any regrets in her life.

“Hubby, don’t worry. I am no longer the same person as I was when I first married you. I have obtained the recognition of the sacred spirit spring from the Sheng domain and was titled as Madam Sheng Yue. It was also due to this that the Xiao family has become the strongest family in the Sheng domain so those old obstinate elders didn’t continue to try and make you take in concubines. If our daughter returns in the future, who would dare to bully her since that would mean they don’t respect me, Madam Sheng Yue? But…”

Speaking up to there, Madam Sheng Yue’s voice trembled slightly as she used her hand to give a hard smack on Xiao Tian Yu’s chest. She continued with a smile, “You should really mention to your father that those old obstinate elders are relying on their seniority to act so out of control. Don’t forget who the head of this family is. I still remember their faces when they tried to force you to take in a concubine. It still disgusts me up to today.”

Moreover, if it wasn’t for those old obstinate elders, her husband would have annihilated that damnable South Palace family ten years ago.

Their reasoning was for the peace and serenity of the Sheng domain. It would have been too kind to just kill them all after hurting her daughter. What she wanted was for those people to live a life worse than death.

“Yu Er, why do you care so much about those old obstinate fools? I’m not their son. Didn’t my parents also side with us that year?” Xiao Tian Yu held Madam Sheng Yue’s hand as he smiled and caressed her face. “Alright, I will go and find my father now in order to make him supervise this family properly. He wouldn’t give those old obstinate elders too many privileges so that they even forget their own identity. If they really put our daughter on the spot,….”

A trace of icy killing intent flashed past Xiao Tian Yu’s eyes. “I wouldn’t mind helping my father clean up the family. All in all, nobody in this world can bully our darlings.”

“Alright, then I’ll accompany you. I have been outside during this last period. It has also been some time since I last met father. That’s right, hubby, I have recently adopted a god-daughter. Whenever I see her, she reminds me of my own pitiful and precious daughter. Hence, I thought we were rather fated to meet each other, plus, she even saved Qing Qing….”

Following that, Madam Sheng Yue narrated everything that had recently happened to Xiao Tian Yu.

Perhaps it was due to acquiring the location of her daughter that Madam Sheng Yue was not as troubled as much as previously. Her entire person gave off an energetic aura, making Xiao Tian Yu smile uncontrollably.

They could only hope that this information wasn’t false. This family could no longer afford to receive more of these blows….
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