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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 118 – The Miserable Mu Sisters

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Chapter 118 – The Miserable Mu Sisters

“Little girl, I need to head back to the Qing Yun Sect this time. Elder Zhao will still be in Phoenix City so if you need any assistance, you can go to him for help. But….” Wu Yu glanced at the president before chuckling as he continued, “With your honorary elder identity, they probably won’t be anyone that is daring enough to find trouble with you.”

The only power in the four kingdoms that was higher than the Pill Assembly was the Mysterious Sheng domain.

Moreover, within that Sheng domain, the most powerful family was the Xiao family. He had heard that this disciple of his seemed to be associated with the young madam of the Xiao family. If she has a relationship with them, then she would have a spot within the birthplace of experts in the central region of the continent.

Nothing had changed from when Mu Ru Yue left Phoenix City. During the period of time when she was gone, however, the two daughters of the Mu family were experiencing lives that were worse than death.

Didn’t Mu Ting Er want to marry Ye Tian Feng? When Tian Yuan left Phoenix City, he passed Mu Ting Er to Ye Tian Feng as a small concubine. Even though the Mu family was highly unsatisfied, how could they resist against Grandmaster Tian Yuan’s order?

Initially, they thought that Mu Ting Er had become a Yao Tong of Tian Yuan. This represented a future path for the Mu family. Who would have known that this would happen?

Yet, they currently didn’t know what medication Tian Yuan had been making Mu Ting Er consume as it made her unable to bear children. This was to say that Mu Ting Er’s life was over.

In Jing King manor, she was a lowly concubine. She initially wanted to boost her position by bearing Ye Tian Feng’s child, but this possibility had been smothered out by Tian Yuan before it could even develop.

What made that damn Mu family to bring trouble upon him? If it were not for that wretched family, would he have ended up offending that Grandmaster Wu Yu?

So, Tian Yuan vented his hatred on Mu Ting Er.

In comparison to Mu Ting Er, Mu Yi Xue suffered a fate worse than hers.

She had raped the male servant Ming Xiang after being unknowingly drugged just recently. Following that, she was pestered by him and was taken advantage of nightly. It was unknown what scent Ming Xiang had used, but she always felt her body robbed of all energy after smelling it. Thus, she became a sheep to be eaten.

She had dispatched killers to assassinate Ming Xiang, but every time she dispatched those killers, none made it back. As such, she could only be harassed nightly by the servant with the lowest status.

Of course, Mu Yi Xue didn’t know that Ye Wu Chen was the mastermind from the start. Otherwise, how could she meet Ming Xiang at that time?”

That man had always been ruthless and didn’t have the slightest intention to be nice to beauties.

“Xue Er, why has your complexion been so bad lately?” Mu Qing looked at Mu Yi Xue and frowned slightly. He had neglected this daughter of his due to being busy settling matters these past few days.

Mu Yi Xue bit her pink lips. With a smile displayed on her pale face, she asked, “Father, I am fine. Does father know where Mu Ru Yue is?”

She definitely couldn’t speak of those matters to her father as with her father’s personality, no matter how much he pampered her, he would match her with that servant.

How could the noble her be paired up with a servant?

“Don’t mention that girl to me!” Mu Qing’s expression darkened. He coldly snorted before continuing, “I will treat it as though I never had such an ungrateful daughter. Moreover, if it wasn’t for that year….”

Speaking up to there, Mu Qing became aware of what he was saying and hastily shut his mouth. He mustn’t tell anyone what had happened that year, even if that person was his biological daughter.
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