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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 116 – Ye Wu Chen’s Anger And Torture

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Chapter 116 – Ye Wu Chen’s Anger And Torture

A grey robe streaked across space to appear in front of Mu Ru Yue.

This elder was entirely enclosed in a grey robe, but his two exposed eyes were focused entirely on Mu Ru Yue. He coldly snorted before charging towards her. But before he could reach Mu Ru Yue, the silver masked man embracing her raised his palm…


A strong force struck the elder’s body, throwing him backwards like a flimsy piece of cloth. Peng! He landed on a roadside stall.

“Master!” Ling Ye’s expression changed drastically, shock in his eyes.

He clearly knew how powerful his master was, yet his master couldn’t even withstand a single move against that man? Who exactly was he?

Ye Wu Chen chuckled sinisterly with iciness in his eyes.

He didn’t even continue to look at the grey robed elder and headed towards Ling Ye, whose expression had massively changed. Ye Wu Chen didn’t say anything, but the terrifying aura bursting out from his body was sufficient to hold Ling Ye in place from fright.

Following that, it was a one-sided torture…

Under Ye Wu Chen’s fury, Ling Ye could only accept the tremendous pain of his attacks. His fists were like mountains, nearly shattering Ling Ye’s entire body with each blow.

“Stop!” The grey robe elder got back to his feet and witnessed this sight. His expression suddenly changed as he charged at Ye Wu Chen again. He didn’t even get close to Ye Wu Chen’s body before he was tossed back by Wu Chen’s tyrannical aura.

Ye Wu Chen raised his hand and waved it, creating a sharp wind that sent Ling Ye flying.

Ling Ye somersaulted in midair a couple of times before landing heavily on the ground, spitting up a few mouthfuls of blood. His face was frighteningly pale.


Ling Ye glared malevolently at Ye Wu Chen. He saw the man cast another wave of wind towards him before he could speak any further. All of Ling Ye’s teeth were knocked out this time.

Ye Wu Chen never forgot that it was this man that was previously hurting his woman.

Ye Wu Chen’s eyes became increasingly sinister as he walked to the front of Ling Ye and gradually raised his hand, a purple sword appearing in his palm.


He kicked Ling Ye’s chest hard. Ye Wu Chen looked down at him from above. At this moment, the demonic smile on his face intensified, giving off an Asura-like aura that terrified people.

“You hurt Ben Wang’s girl? Ben Wang will return it back to you tenfold! Which was the hand that hurt her previously?”

The aura from the man’s body was extremely terrifying. Ling Ye’s expression changed again as he yelled, “Master, quickly come and save me!”


With a wave of Ye Wu Chen’s purple sword, his entire arm was severed. Blood instantly began spurting out of the wound. Wu Chen moved to the side in a flash to avoid being drenched by his blood.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Ling Ye yelled out heart-wrenching shrieks from the pain. If it wasn’t for him being a strong willed person, the pain from that slash would have made him faint.

“No!” The grey robed elder’s eyes was filled with bloody rays of light. “I won’t be a man if I don’t avenge this grudge for my disciple. There will definitely be a day where I will seek vengeance. Ye Er, let’s go!”


The grey robe elder tossed a smoke grenade at Ye Wu Chen. Smoke instantly covered the sky. Once the smoke dissipated, the master and disciple were revealed to have already vanished from view….

“Yun Han!” Ye Wu Chen’s gaze darkened as he stared at the place those two master and disciple had disappeared from. With a sinister voice tinged with a trace of coldness, he ordered, “Notify all personnel from Ghost Manor to seek every corner of the continent and find those two people for Ben Wang! Failure is forbidden. I definitely won’t allow them to continue living.”
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