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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1134 – Challenge Part 5

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There were purple robes fluttering slightly among the wind among the crowd at this moment. The man frowned slightly as he swept a gaze at Li Sha. But he didn’t do anything. He just turned around and disappeared within the crowd.

‘As long as she is fine, I should leave this place…’


Li Sha’s shoulders shivered as she asked, “Why do I feel surrounded by sinister winds?”

‘Sinister winds?’

Mu Ru Yue’s brow raised as she cast her gaze toward the crowd. The purple robes that were just about to leave appeared in her pupils.

“So, it seems he has come to watch the competition.”

She giggled as she commented, “A period of time has already passed since coming to the academy. I no longer need to treat him as a stranger…”

She turned around to advance forward upon saying that.

Yet, there was a lofty body figure suddenly walked over from her side, blocking the sunlight in front of her.

“Do you need something from me?” Mu Ru Yue frowned as she glanced at the man before her.

“I wish to court you!”

The man smiled handsomely. His handsome face emitted a faint glow beneath the sunlight.


“You have helped me win a lot of spiritual stones just now. Moreover… I find the way you fight is really cool!”

“Cough! Cough!”

Mu Ru Yue coughed, almost choking. She looked indifferently at the man’s extraordinary face. She then said calmly, “I’m sorry but I’m not interested in you.”

“It doesn’t matter. It suffices that I’m interested in you.”

The man didn’t in the slightest cared about her refusal. With an increasingly handsome smile, he asked, “I wonder if you are free and give me some face to have a meal with me.”

Mu Ru Yue’s brows creased tightly. With slight impatient, she replied, “I don’t have time. Li Sha, let’s go.”

She no longer glanced at the man upon saying that. She walked past him, quickly vanishing from his sight…

“Interesting.” Wan Zi Heng rubbed his chin as he chuckled and commented, “She is the first woman to reject my advances. Thus, I definitely won’t give up!”

‘With my identity and status, what kind of woman I’ve failed to get? With my previous experiences with women, I just need to wave my hand to get them lie in my embrace.

‘But she is the first to reject me after all these years…’

Simultaneously, Xiao Yu was looking at what was happening coldly nearby. Her expression subconsciously distorted.

‘That trash Ding Lin actually lost. She also wastes my pill. She is really useless!’

Thinking about that, she sniggered and said, “It seems I’ve to eliminate this woman first. The others will be rather easy to be dealt with once I kill her. But she will certainly not accept my challenge. If she doesn’t accept, I can’t make any moves on her. Otherwise, I will surely be breaking the rules. Even Master won’t be able to help me at that time…”

‘But if I don’t kill her, the resentment in my heart won’t be appeased!’

“I will kill her once I come up with a foolproof plan! I will at least not get implicated by myself.” Xiao Yu remained silent for a moment before looking at Mu Ru Yue and the rest’s departure. She then turned around and left the arena after seeing them disappeared from her sight…

‘Since this method failed, I can only come up with another…’

“Zi Heng, are you really going to court that woman?”

Currently, a group of men surrounded Wan Zi Feng within the dormitory, keen on getting some gossip.

It got to be known that Wan Zi Feng already had several relationships with women in the academy during these few days in the academy. He had never failed to obtain his target. They wondered how many days Mu Ru Yue could last before she gives in…
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