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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1133 – Challenge Part 4

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‘How has she been able to break through again?

‘Her breaking through speed is too quick…’

“Now, is it my turn?” Mu Ru Yue smirked, gradually climbing out of the ruins. She raised her gaze slightly as she said indifferently, “Ding Lin, since you want to kill me, there’s no reason why I should let you off.”


A sword ray shot out from the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword, soaring through the sky and shooting toward Ding Lin at lightning speed.

Ding Lin’s expression changed as she hastily raised her hand to block her attack. Just when she wanted to continue attacking Mu Ru Yue, Mu Ru Yue’s sword had become enormous again, slashing down from the sky.

Since Mu Ru Yue had broken through, the current might of Mu Ru Yue’s ‘Sword That Pierces Through The Heaven’ blow was more powerful as compared to the previous. It seemed to have formed a flame that came over to Ding Lin from thin air…


Ding Lin hastily aimed the pike in her hand toward Mu Ru Yue’s enormous sword that was able to cut through space. In her point of view, she was a God-general Peak Realm practitioner no matter what. How could her attack be inferior to Mu Ru Yue?

However, her expression changed during the next scene…

When her pike neared the enormous sword, it was momentarily burned to ashes floating in the air. Following that, since there wasn’t any resistance, the enormous sword slashed onto the ground. Instantly, a fissure appeared on the ground. The initial ruins were swept up into the air, being completely wiped out under the flames…


The entire plaza was silent.

The crowd looked astounded at Mu Ru Yue. They seemed greatly shocked.

She had not only broken through to the God-general High realm during the battle but had she also succeeded in using a God-general High realm might defeat a God-general Peak realm practitioner? That kind of might could be counted as the strongest amongst the newcomers.

Instantly, clamours rose among the crowd. There were even people twitching from pain.

Of course, their hearts weren’t aching for Ding Lin. It was for the spiritual stones that they had used as bets instead…

Perhaps it was due to their loss that they grew hatred for Ding Lin. They really hoped she was still alive so that they could mercilessly relieve their anger on her!

“Yue Er!”

Li Sha’s wound up heart finally relaxed as she walked briskly to Mu Ru Yue’s side as she said, “Yue Er, you’ve really worried me just now! I don’t know what happened but Ding Lin had broken through to the God-general Peak realm…”

She couldn’t help but pursed her lips upon saying that.

‘It’s lucky this fellow is too abnormal to the point even a God-general Peak realm practitioner can’t do anything to her…’

Mu Ru Yue smiled slightly as she turned to face the crowd before her.

Her cold voice was gradually heard throughout the arena, “There is also something I will like to announce for accepting her challenge.”

She paused for a moment before she continued, “If someone wants to purchase General Stage Mid and High Rank pills, you can come and look for me anytime.”

The crowd’s breath tightened as they stared at Mu Ru Yue with fervent gazes.

There were several alchemists in God Academy. But there weren’t many alchemists willing to sell their alchemy pills. Yet, this woman was willing to sell her pills. How could they not be stirred up?

Mu Ru Yue looked toward the three others by her side and said with a slight smile after tossing out those words, “Let’s go.”

Li Sha blinked her large eyes as she asked, beaming, “I heard you’ve used a pill to help Yi Lian increase her might from the God-general High realm to the God-general Peak realm. I wonder if you can also give me one.”

“I can.”

Instantly, Li Sha’s eyes lit up. She hugged Mu Ru Yue, grinning. “Yue Er, I love you too much.”
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