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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1124 – Little Huang Er’s Departure Part 1

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‘Xiao Yu?’

Yi Lian’s expression instantly turned grim with a cold ray of light that flickered past her eyes.

‘It is that pestering woman again! I didn’t expect she will want to make use of the secret realm to kill us!’

“Tsk! Tsk!” The young disciple clicked his tongue before continuing, “I doubt you will ever be able to have a taste of the General Spiritual Pill that can help a God-general High Rank practitioner to break through to the Peak realm. Perhaps Elder Apprentice Sister Xiao Yu may give you two a couple of those pills if you didn’t oppose her! It’s a pity…”

The young disciple sighed with pity but there was disdain in his eyes.

“Yi Lian, I’m sorry. This is the second time I’ve implicated you already.” Qian Ye looked guilty at Yi Lian’s side face. “Moreover, if it wasn’t for you to accompany me in avoiding Qi Mo, perhaps you won’t be in such a dangerous situation…”

“Stop saying such useless stuff. More importantly, what we need to do now is to deal with this crisis!”

Yi Lian quietened.

‘If I was by myself, I can escape under this encirclement. But if I was to escape with Qian Ye, it is clearly impossible for me to leave…

‘What else can I do other than that?’

Yi Lian’s eyes moved, pondering what was the best solution.

Yet, the young disciple brandished his hand. Momentarily, the people by his side charged toward them. The intense situation made the air in the surrounding tense up…

“Not good!”

When Yi Lian turned her head, she saw a God-general High Rank practitioner raised his large axe and mercilessly chopped downward toward Qian Ye. Her expression changed abruptly, hastily pulling Qian Ye to her side. She then raised her sword to block her opponent’s blow.

However, there was another sharp sword wind that was shot rapidly over. She used a hand to pull Qian Ye, quickly turning her head to look at the incoming person.


The sword wind had landed on her shoulder. Blood instantly flowed out from the wound, staining her entire robe red.

“Qian Ye, I will hold them back. You are to quickly escape. You will be able to avenge our vengeance if you manage to survive!”

‘It is impossible for me to escape with Qian Ye, judging by the current situation. Hence, I can only make her leave. Perhaps there still may be an inkling hope…’

Qian Ye’s heart shuddered. She raised her head to look at the woman by her side with mixed feelings.

‘All in all, we are only just dormitory friends.

‘Although I’ve blocked the Attracting Beast Powder for them, Xiao Yu had done that due to me. Hence, I don’t need their repayment.

‘Nonetheless, Yi Lian is passing the chance of survival to me now…’

“Why are you just standing there in a daze?” Yi Lian’s expression darkened as she exclaimed immediately, “Why are you not leaving? You won’t have the chance to escape if you continue to dally!”

Just when Qian Ye wanted to say something, she saw a large sword striking toward Yi Lian. Her heart momentarily stopped beating. She shouted loudly with a horrified voice, “Yi Lian, be careful…”


Yi Lian was stunned for a moment. When she turned around, the large sword was already slashing downward toward her. She didn’t have time to make any more defensive maneuvers. She hastily used her sword to block in front of her chest.


A crisp sound was heard. Yi Lian’s body was sent flying. Blood spurted out from her mouth, staining the entire ground red…

“Yi Lian!”

Qian Ye shrieked. She hastily ran to Yi Lian’s side and crouched down as she asked concerned, “How are you?”

“Cough! Cough!” Yi Lian coughed as she looked at the aggressive crowd. With a trace of a bitter smile, she said, “It seems it will be difficult for us to escape the ordeal this time around…”

Despair filled her expression upon thinking about that. But the emotion that overwhelmed her despair was resentment in dying meaninglessly. Furthermore, nobody would know she died under Xiao Yu’s hands…

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