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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1119 – Shocked Part 4

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‘How have I, an honorable princess, experienced such a matter? But I don’t want to borrow the might of the empire to avenge my grudges against her this time. I must surpass her and crush her under my feet in order to appease my heart-felt fury and rage!’

“Let’s go.” Yi Lian smiled as she commented, “We have all finally entered the academy. I wonder how did that fella Gu Chen faired. It’s the start of school tomorrow. The God Academy is different from other academies in the God realm. There won’t be anyone to tutor us. We will need to cultivate by ourselves. However, God Academy has secret places specialized for cultivating and increasing our might. Yet, those places have to be purchased with spiritual stones in order to utilize those places!”

All in all, if you didn’t have spiritual stones in God Academy, you would be doomed to have a miserable time in it!

Thus, Xiao Yu, who was a lady with poor family background, had earned reverence from many disciples within the academy. Nonetheless, her reputation was destined to plummet after what happened today!

Mu Ru Yue halted her steps as she looked toward Yi Lian and said, “Is there a place within God Academy related to alchemist?”

“Alchemist?” Yi Lian looked puzzled at Mu Ru Yue as she asked, “Are you an alchemist?”

Mu Ru Yue smiled lightly as she replied, “I can be counted as one.”

Yi Lian was so shocked that she nearly couldn’t come back to her senses.

‘I didn’t expect Mu Ru Yue to be an alchemist where everyone would revere her.’

“There are indeed places specialized for an alchemist to practice their skills within God Academy. Moreover, the alchemist is segregated by their rank in alchemy. For example, there will only be knowledge and books regarding General Stage Mid Rank alchemy within a General Stage Mid Rank alchemy room. You will only be able to advance to the General Stage High Rank alchemy room after breaking through. Of course, spiritual stones will be needed to enter all of those places. Even though they are a little pricey, I don’t think it will serve as a problem for someone like you.”

Yi Lian chuckled.

‘How can she that can casually take out sixty Mid Rank Spiritual Stones lack spiritual stones?’

“I understand.”

Mu Ru Yue rubbed her chin lightly with a peculiar ray of light that flashed past her eyes.

‘This God Academy seems rather interesting…’

There was an elder obviously nodding off outside the General Stage Mid Rank alchemy room. Suddenly, a figure appeared before him, making him stir up. All of his sleepiness was blown away.

“Lady, are you here to refine pills within the alchemy training room?” Elder Yue (high mountain) sized up Mu Ru Yue. It was as though he wanted to investigate every single part of her body.

It was understandable as Mu Ru Yue looked too much like a new student and was dressed ordinarily. She didn’t seem to be a person that had the allowance to utilize the alchemy training room.

Mu Ru Yue replied calmly, “That’s right.”

Mu Ru Yue’s alchemy skills had broken through to the God realm within the purgatory previously. Moreover, according to the alchemy standard in the Large Continent of God, she would be a General Stage Low Rank alchemist upon initially breaking through to God realm. Hence, she needed to refine a General Stage Low Rank Pill…

“Hehe, lady, aren’t you aware of the rules of our academy? You will need to use a Mid Rank Spiritual Stone in order to enter the alchemy training room.”

To ordinary people, a Mid Rank Spiritual Stone wasn’t something they could give up easily.

When Elder Yue was sizing up Mu Ru Yue, an item soared through the air and landed on his palm.

An indifferent voice was then head, “Is that enough?”

Elder Yue was startled for a moment, withdrawing the disdain in his eyes. He agreed, “Lady, you may enter.”

Mu Ru Yue nodded slightly in response. She then walked into the alchemy training room.

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