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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1117 – Shocked Part 2

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“It’s really simple.” Mu Ru Yue smirked slightly as she explained casually, “She left by herself once we reached the interior of the God Mountain. We failed to keep up with her no matter how hard we tried. But our luck wasn’t bad. We didn’t encounter any powerful demon beasts so we managed to make a safe return back here.”

In other words, if they did encounter powerful demon beasts, they would have died due to Xiao Yu’s irresponsible act…

Qian Ye wanted to say something but stopped. When she saw Mu Ru Yue’s gaze, she swallowed the rest of her words, glaring furiously at Xiao Yu.

“No! It wasn’t like that!”

Feeling those mockery and disdainful gazes shooting toward her, Xiao Yu’s body shivered as she muttered.

‘But how can I explain myself now? I can’t really tell them that I tried to set Qian Ye up, right? No matter what, I can’t talk my way out of this situation.’

“I didn’t expect Elder Apprentice Sister Xiao Yu to be this kind of person. It’s really difficult to fully understand a person’s true nature even after knowing that person for a long time!”

“Perhaps someone framed Elder Apprentice Sister?”

“How can anyone frame her? Didn’t Elder Apprentice Sister say they were ambushed by a group of demon beasts? Even if you beat me to death, I won’t be able to believe these newcomers managed to escape under the group of demon beast’s attack! Since so, there’s only a possibility.

“Elder Apprentice Sister abandoned them in order to leave it to up to them whether they survive or die. It is even the interior of the God Mountain to boot. It is truly a seeking death experience to travel through it without the protection of a God-king expert. Following that, she thought they have already died so she came back to fabricate the report…”

The crowd’s mockery speech stimulated Xiao Yu’s heart. She wanted to hastily explain to Qi Mo. But she met with a pair of disappointed-filled eyes.

The man’s gaze was akin to a hammer smashing heavily on Xiao Yu’s heart; the pain suffocated her…

“Elder Brother Qi Mo, please listen to what I have to say!”

She panicked and wanted to say something for herself but she was intercepted by the man’s cold and grave voice, “Xiao Yu, I never expect for you to be this kind of person. Previously, I even planned to do my utmost best to protect you after knowing you failed to protect Qian Ye properly, leading to her death. Nonetheless, the unexpected truth was you irresponsibly tried to take her life. I won’t be able to protect you this time!”

“Elder Brother Qi Mo…”

“Enough is enough. Stop talking. I’m thoroughly disappointed by you! Moreover, even if Qian Ye is arrogant, willful, domineering, and creates trouble unnecessarily, she will never lie due to her pride. She didn’t deny what this lady had said just now so what the lady said must be the truth. Let’s end it here!”

Qi Mo shut his eyes sorrowfully.

‘The reason why I loved her initially was due to her innocence and kindness. But it was out of my expectation that the original innocent girl would turn out so malevolent.’

He gradually opened his eyes upon thinking about that. He cast a final glance at her before heavily shook his sleeve downward. He then turned around and left, vanishing from Xiao Yu’s sight.

“Elder Brother Qi Mo!”

Xiao Yu shrieked out sorrowfully as she watched as his figure left her sight. Her legs gave way, collapsing heavily onto the ground. Tears welled out from her eyes. Drop after drop of tears quickly seeped through the ground, wetting the ground…

‘This is all due to this damnable woman.

‘It’s all her fault that made me lose my beloved man and even be spurned upon by the crowd!’

Xiao Yu slowly tightened her fists as she stared fixedly at Mu Ru Yue like a venomous snake eyeing on its prey. Her large teary eyes brimmed with undisguised hatred and fury…

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