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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1116 – Shocked Part 1

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Xiao Yu sniggered.

‘Now that Qian Ye is out of the way. The Qi family will no longer have a reason to not accept me into their family…’

Howbeit, an indifferent voice floated from midair when everyone thought Mu Ru Yue’s team wouldn’t be able to return. It was like a clap of thunder exploded in their hearts.

“Sorry for coming back late.”

Xiao Yu’s body trembled slightly.


Her face turned gravely pale. When she turned her head and saw those people nearing them, her pupils contracted momentarily. With a shaky voice, she said, “Ho-how have you managed to come back?”

‘Shouldn’t they have died? They are just a bunch of weak God-general practitioners. Yet, they were able to break through the group of demon beasts, returning back here…

‘This is certainly impossible!’

Xiao Yu pursed her pale-white lips tightly, shaking her head like a pendulum. Her expression was so horrific as if she saw a ghost…

“Xiao Yu?”

Even though Qi Mo was shocked for Qian Ye’s return, he similarly heaved a sigh of relief.

‘If she dies, the empire will definitely punish them after all. However, Xiao Yu’s expression turned too strange after seeing their return.

‘It’s like she didn’t wish for Qian Ye’s return…’

Qi Mo shook his head upon thinking about that, smiling bitterly.

‘I must have overthought. How can Xiao Yu be that kind of person?’

“Hmph!” Qian Ye snorted coldly. She raised her chin arrogantly before commenting domineering, “Some people, of course, doesn’t hope we return. It’s a pity your wish didn’t come true.”


Instantly, people started discussing amongst themselves as they glanced at the gravely-paled face Xiao Yu.

Didn’t Xiao Yu mention they encountered a demon beast’s group attack that even she was only able to barely escape? How could they escape from the claws of that many demon beasts then?

For a moment, the crowd looked doubtfully at Xiao Yu’s increasingly pale face. But they couldn’t come up with a reason for the survival of Mu Ru Yue’s team…

Xiao Yu took in a deep breath after a long period of time had passed. With a forceful smile, she said, “Qian Ye, it’s great you’re back. I was so worried for you previously. You all encountered a demon beast’s group attack after all. There were also a few God-king beasts in the mix. I’ve thought…”

Qian Ye’s gaze turned grim. A trace of a cold glint shone past her arrogant gaze.

“What happened within the God Mountain?” Liu Ye frowned slightly as he looked coldly at Mu Ru Yue and the rest, “It is especially so for you. Qian Ye, I’ve heard you have actually brought Attracting Beast Powder to the God Mountain. It can’t be you don’t know what kind of place the God Mountain is, right? That’s really too much! You must properly reflect on what you’ve done!”

Qian Ye was stunned as she looked astonished at Xiao Yu.

‘Xiao Yu was clearly the one that brought Attracting Beast Powder in order to set me up. Yet, she said I had brought it instead. Can there be anyone more despicable than she is in this world?’

When Qian Ye was about to rebuke, a hand held her back. She was startled as she turned her head to look at the white-robed girl by her side, puzzled.

Mu Ru Yue shook her head and smirked. She cast an indifferent gaze at Liu Ye who was at the forefront before she asked, “Do you think with our current cultivation, we will be able to escape under the might of God-king demon beasts?”

The crowd was stunned for a moment, looking toward each other.

It was obvious Mu Ru Yue brought up a great point. How could just a few weak God-general practitioners be able to safely leave the God Mountain under the group attack by demon beasts? There were even God-king Ranked demon beasts among that group of demon beasts.

Who would be willing to believe what they say if this incident spread out?

“What has actually happened then?!” Liu Ye frowned slightly, subconsciously looking at Xiao Yu that wasn’t far from him. He had already formed a vague gist as to what had happened in his mind.

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