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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1112 – Set Up Part 3

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‘Can someone tell me that the scene that I am seeing isn’t real?!’

Qian Ye bit her lip as she looked at Mu Ru Yue that was in front of her in shock…

She saw a head popped up from the bracelet coiled around Mu Ru Yue’s wrist. Its large watery eyes were filled with bloodthirsty killing intents. It slithered down from Mu Ru Yue’s wrist, slowly becoming an enormous creature.

Even though Yi Lian and Li Sha already saw Little Teng before, they still got a shock when they saw such an enormous snake. They weren’t able to come back to their senses for a moment, looking dazedly at the enormous creature…

“Hiss! Hiss!”

Little Teng stood in front of Mu Ru Yue, flicking its tongue at the demon beasts that were dashing over. However, those demon beasts had already lost their rationality, continuing to dash toward them without a care of their lives.

When Little Teng saw that those demon beasts wasn’t subdued by its grandeur, he was completely enraged. Its extremely long tongue stuck toward the demon beast at the forefront. The demon beast was instantly coiled into its mouth.


Little Teng swallowed it.

“Qui-quickly give me a pinch!” Li Sha hastily nudged the similarly stunned Yi Lian that was by her side. It was as though she suffered an extreme shock. With a quaky voice, she said, “A God-king Low Rank… Has a God-king Low Rank really been swallowed by a snake? What is its cultivation rank to be able to deal with a God-king Low Rank that easily then? Mid rank or will it be even high rank?”

All of them felt that their dormitory friend that had been interacting with them these days seemed unfathomable now…

“Yue… Yue Er.”

Li Sha swallowed her saliva, looking at the fluttering white robes among the wind before her. “Just how much power do you possess?”

‘Her snake was able to instantly kill a God-King Rank beast. Its laughable Xiao Yu thought about using such a method to kill them…’

A full blown massacre occurred on the battlefield.

Mu Ru Yue no longer looked at it, turning around to face the crowd behind her. With white robes fluttering slightly among the wind, she suggested, “Let’s take a break first. We shall leave once Little Teng finishes its mission.”


The crowd nodded. But Qian Ye was staring behind Mu Ru Yue at this moment. Her pupils contracted slowly before she yelled anxiously, “Watch out!”


A gigantic demon beast leaped out from the shrubs beside Mu Ru Yu, pouncing viciously toward Mu Ru Yue.

When Li Sha and Yi Lian looked back, they saw such a frightening scene. Their hearts nearly leaped out from their heart due to their fright…

Yet, the demon beast was already too close to Mu Ru Yue. Nobody could make any reaction in time, watching on as such a scene played out in front of their sight…

An arm extended from Mu Ru Yue’s side the moment she saw the gigantic creature leaping toward her. Her hand was gripped tightly before she was quickly pulled into a warm embrace.

Purple robes flashed past her sight. The man’s familiar scent entered Mu Ru Yue’s nose, making Mu Ru Yue’s body stiffen instantly. With a raise of her sight, a charming and handsome face entered her vision…

“Wu Chen, wh-why are you here?”

She momentarily calmed down at this instant. It was as if she knew that with him by her side, nothing would happen…

Ye Wu Chen smirked slightly with his purple eyes looking gently at Mu Ru Yue.

“I was worried about you so I came.”

He embraced the woman’s soft and tender body tightly. It was as if he wanted to merge her into his body. More importantly, it was the fear of getting back what he almost lost…

“If I was a step later, I’m afraid my heart would have to ache again…”

‘Her vitality is usually stronger than others but when facing an ambush by a God-general Peak Rank demon beast, she would still be severely injured.’

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