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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1109- God-general Mid Rank Part 7

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The faint ray of sunlight shone through the lush tree branches landed on Mu Ru Yue’s impeccable face, leaving shadows on her face.

Currently, the woman was sitting cross-legged with her eyes closed. Energies enveloped her surroundings. They squeezed through the open pores of her skin, gathering outside her Dantian.

Time flowed gradually…

When the crowd thought they had rested enough, an enormous storm arose above Mu Ru Yue’s head. It was like a whirlpool had appeared above her head…


Li Sha was startled for a moment before she exclaimed, “Yue Er has broken through?”

‘That’s great, she has finally reached the God-general Mid Rank!’

Everyone looked dazedly at the storm above her head. Quickly, the storm that surged with boundless power infiltrated her body.

The woman sitting before a tree slowly opened her eyes after a long period of time had passed. She blew out a mouthful of air.

“I’ve finally broken through after spending so much time in this place…”

“God-general Mid Rank?” Xiao Yu pursed her lips before she said with a lovely smile, “I wonder if I should congratulate you for breaking through or mock you for becoming just a God-general Mid Rank martial practitioner. Your innate talent is too terrible! Even if you enter the God Academy, you will be at the lowest tier of personnel in the academy. But I guess I should still congratulate you. If you were still at the God-general Low Rank, you perhaps wouldn’t be able to pass the exam…”

Qian Ye snorted as she rebuked, “She isn’t at your level now. But how can you be sure that she will always remain inferior to you? You are narcissistic. Let me tell you this. If I can enter the academy, I will definitely crush you under my feet! I will make you understand that it isn’t just the difference of status between us but much more!”

Xiao Yu’s expression turned gloomy momentarily.

‘The status of talent from a small village has always been a weak spot in my heart! Thus, I’ve never made a trip back home after so many years in order to forget my lowly status. It’s as if I can bid that status farewell that way…

‘But now, Qian Ye has forcefully ripped open that wound.’

“Qian Ye, you won’t have the chance to surpass me.” Xiao Yu sniggered before she continued, “You won’t have the chance to enter the academy. Moreover, so what if you manage to enter? Qi Mo will never like such an arrogant and haughty woman like yourself. With that point, you are doomed to lose to me forever!”

Qian Ye raised her chin as she rebuked arrogantly, “Please feel free to take that slag man. This Princess was blind to fancy him in the past. But now, This Princess’s eyes have already been cured. I no longer fancy him. As for you… what you get is just a trash that This Princess had tossed away!”

A needle seemed to have pierced into Qian Ye’s heart when she said that. The pain made her creased her brow.

‘It isn’t easy to just place down all of my feelings that have accumulated over the years even if that man already had thoroughly disappointed me…

‘But I have my pride. I mustn’t show my weak side toward my enemy! Even if it is by force, I will force myself to place him down and treat him like garbage!’

Xiao Yu’s expression changed abruptly. With a cold gaze, she said, “Qian Ye, your status as a princess is nothing. Your status will be inferior to mine within the God Academy! I hope you can remember what you just said and mustn’t regret it in the future!”

“Haha!” Qian Ye arrogantly laughed heartily before she replied, “Don’t fret. I won’t continue to pester that slag man nor will I regret over him! Let’s continue to advance. I must obtain the Flame Dragon Fruit within half a month’s time, successfully entering God Academy!”

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