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Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King is Wife Chapter 1105 – God-general Mid Rank Part 3

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Chapter 1105 – God-general Mid Rank Part 3

Yi Lian that was standing at a side glanced at Qian Ye upon hearing what she said. She had a slight change in impression toward this peacock-like arrogant woman.

‘Perhaps she isn’t as good for nothing as I’ve thought…’

“Alright. Since everyone has gathered, the elimination competition shall begin.”

A green-robed middle-aged man on the stage cleared his throat before introducing himself, “First off, let me introduce myself. I am the chief manager of this elimination competition. You can all call me Chief Manager Liu Ye (willow page1) Following this, I shall explain the rules for the entrance exam.”

“The entrance exam shall be based on teams. In other words, the people living in the same dormitory will be a team. You will have to pass the exam as a team. It is only if all four of you pass the exam that you can officially become our God Academy’s disciple!”

Liu Ye swept a gaze at the crowd that was discussing amongst themselves. He then continued in neither cold nor passionate tone, “Each of the teams will be led by an elder apprentice sister or brother since the testing ground is a little dangerous! They will be similarly invigilating you all in order to prevent you from cheating. I shall now group you up into your groups…”

Since people of the dormitory was to form a team, it was really easy to form the teams. However, the team designated to the elder apprentice sisters and brothers was by drawing lots.

It was unknown if it was a coincidence or not but Xiao Yu who was Qian Ye’s love rival was in-charge of Mu Ru Yue’s team after drawing the lots…

When Qian Ye saw the petite and adorable woman standing before her, she snorted coldly as she mocked, “I really don’t know if I’ve stepped on dog shit for her to be assigned to our team!”

Xiao Yu wasn’t enraged but smiled instead as she said, “Princess Qian Ye, I feel really bad but I have to tell you something. The training ground that I’ve drawn for us is the most difficult one, the God Mountain. Moreover, we will need to obtain the Flame Dragon Fruit from inside the God Mountain.”

God Mountain was the first place Mu Ru Yue went after entering God Realm.

However, she spent her time in the outer perimeter of God Mountain. She hadn’t entered within the more dangerous region the interior region of God Mountain. It could be seen how difficult their mission this time was…


Qian Ye’s complexion turned gravely pale as she asked, “You have done this on purpose right? You’ve intentionally gotten the God Mountain mission.”

‘That’s right, this woman must have done it on purpose!’

Xiao Yu craftily blinked her eyes and said, “So what if it is intentional? What can you do to me? I’ve the strength to survive within that God Mountain anyways! Qian Ye, if you beg for my help, I may protect you…”

“You…” Qian Ye was so mad that her entire body trembled. But what filled her heart more was guilt. “I know you hate me for pestering Qi Mo! But you are implicating other innocent people for this matter. Won’t your conscience hurt?”

Xiao Yu chuckled as she replied, “It depends on what they decide to do. With my cultivation, I can protect them entirely after all. But if they make the wrong decision, my mental power is limited so I can only protect myself.”

What she meant was if Mu Ru Yue and the rest sided her, she would protect their safety. If they had chosen to support Qian Ye, they would face with some dangers…

“Aren’t you afraid we will report this to the people of the God Academy?”

Qian Ye gritted her teeth as she said, “Don’t forget that your mission is to protect us!”

“Hur…” Xiao Yu chuckled heavily before walking to Qian Ye’s side. She then used a voice only loud enough for them to hear and said, “We have met with an aggressive demon beast within the God Mountain. It is so powerful that I can only use all my might to escape. But when I look back, all of you have already fallen under the demon beast’s hands!”

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1. Miki: This guy has the same name as a beauty that debuted in Chapter 973 but they are different people.
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